Upcoming Support for Offline Party Members

what the fvk is 4245414348424F41543F59455321
What is the hex translation?
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KISStheRINGZ wrote:
What is the hex translation?

This only applies when you crash and come back in with the same char. Would be nice to switch chars and still be able to stay in the party though.
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how about kick timer being a drop down box you can choose from like insta kick 1 min 2 min 3 min etc
any upcoming support for specters?
skills Needs Rework:
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please make zombie cheerleaders as mtx
jooozek wrote:
KISStheRINGZ wrote:
What is the hex translation?


That explains a bit more why they picked a Beachboys and Surfaris song for names.

I was looking at those names like...

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While you're at it...

Can we finally have offline messaging AND / OR

Sorting out of our friend list?? ie, put our favourite friends at the top of it????

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