[3.22] MoM Crit Power Siphon Totem Hierophant

I want to post about a build I started playing in Kalandra league. One of best builds I ever had. I did 40/40 in Kalandra, 39/40 in Sanctum and 40/40 in Crucible with the build while getting to 100 just while mapping in Kalandra and Sanctum. I did 5ways in Crucible.

The build allows you to plant many totems in rapid succession. We clear with Kinetic Blast totems and single target damage comes from Power Siphon totems.

Flat lightning damage comes from Arcane Cloak and Mind of the Council. The helm is our build defining unique. We convert mana into lightning damage to attacks.
On stationary targets/encounters we can use Sigil of Power for even more power.

At endgame crazy Power Siphon totem numbers are possible, like 7+ totems and 14+ projectiles.

In Kalandra (3.19) league we had crazy -xx% lightning resistance jewelry which allowed for some totally crazy Doryani's chest shenanigans.

In Sanctum (3.20) we had an endgame version using Berserk and converting all elemental damage taken into lightning/chaos using Lightning Coil/Timeless jewel which meant that we did not need any fire or cold resistance.

In Crucible (3.21) it was all about the crucible trees on weapon/shield and of course Vengeant Cascade which was gutted in 3.22. Basically all out on damage.

In Trial of the Ancestors (3.22) it is kind of like in Sanctum again. We loose a lot of power regarding to Crucible. No more 100% more damage from return and no crucible trees.
Thus we need to go back to the tanky route. If we cannot oneshot encounters we need to tank them.

The guide has a fully fletched out zero to hero leveling guide. You can start this build at league start no problem.
Iceiceice1 made a all in one pastebin of the current trees. Thanks to him it is all just one click away: https://pobb.in/gFmTY-NUQSqD

Level Guide 1-20
PoB Level 21: https://pobb.in/sQUEMxpoP1dG

We level and farm with Armageddon Brand until we can afford 2 key items. Then we can switch to the ballista totem build around level 70.

Idea is Purifying Flame+Holy Flame Totem into
Storm Brand+Wave of Conviction into
Armageddon Brand+Wave of Conviction

The real build can be started earliest at level 59 when you can equip Mind of the Council helmet and Piscator's Vigil wand. At league start that is going to be later since you need to farm a bit doing the chaos orb vendor recipe to buy those uniques. They should be really cheap though, even at league start.

Bandits: Either Alira or 2 passive skills.

The vendor recipes are gone, but it does not really matter. Once we reach Solaris Temple we can craft fire damage to spells on our wands for 4 transmutation orbs each at level 24.

We go Arcane Cloak as soon as we can get it in Act 2. The added damage does not work with Wintertide Brand since it does not hit. So Storm Brand into Armageddon Brand.

Level 1: Get Purifying Flame
Purifying Flame-Elemental Prolif (BB)
Level 4: Get Frost Blink, Holy Flame Totem, Flame Wall, Arcane Surge
Purifying Flame-Arcane Surge (BB)
Holy Flame Totem-Elemental Prolif (RB)
Flame Wall, Frost Blink (B,B)

Level 8: Get Combustion, Added Lightning x2
Purifying Flame-Added Lightning-Elemental Prolif (BBB)
Holy Flame Totem-Combustion (RB)
Flame Wall (B)
Frost Blink-Arcane Surge (BB)

Level 10: Get Flame Dash, Vitality and Clarity
Remove Frost Blink
Vitality,Clarity (R,B)
Purifying Flame-Added Lightning-Elemental Prolif (BBB)
Holy Flame Totem-Combustion-Added Lightning (RBB)
Flame Wall (B)
Flame Dash-Arcane Surge (BB)

Level 12: Get Storm Brand, spec into Runebinder at 12
Remove Holy Flame Totem
Vitality,Clarity (R,B)
Storm Brand-Added Lightning-Elemental Prolif (BBB)
Purifying Flame-Combustion-Added Lightning (BBB)
Flame Wall (B)
Flame Dash-Arcane Surge (BB)

Level 16: Get Wave of Conviction, Arcane Cloak, Brand Recall
Remove Purifying Flame and Flame Wall
Vitality,Clarity (R,B)
Storm Brand-Added Lightning-Elemental Prolif (BBB)
Wave of Conviction-Combustion-Added Lightning (BBB)
Flame Dash, Brand Recall (B,B)
Arcane Cloak-Arcane Surge (BB)

Level 18: Get Faster Casting
Remove Elemental Prolif
Vitality,Clarity (R,B)
Storm Brand-Added Lightning-Faster Casting (BBB)
Wave of Conviction-Combustion-Added Lightning (BBB)
Flame Dash, Brand Recall (B,B)
Arcane Cloak-Arcane Surge (BB)

I suggest using Jade Amulet and Heavy Belt for Str/Dex

Level Guide 20-40
PoB level 40: https://pobb.in/m3GwyPS6welN

Make sure to grab the fire damage craft in temple of Solaris. Since there are no more vendor recipes we use them and 4 transmutation orbs on each wand to help up out. For more check the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qovZCtbCtk

When you switch to Armageddon Brand make sure to keep pressing Brand Recall. It will call all 7 brands to you and nuke anything around you.

Starting in act 3 you will see 4 links. You might check vendors too. You want BBBB and BBBG. You want Phys to Lightning for Wave of Conviction and Culling Strike for your brand.

Storm Brand-Added Lightning-Faster Casting-Culling Strike (BBBG)
Wave of Conviction-Added Lightning-Combustion-Phys to Lightning (BBBB)

For leveling through act 1 to 10 we get 20 respec points. We will spec in roughly 20 skill points to help our Armageddon Brand playstyle and respec out of them when we have bought Mind of the Council and Piscator.

We travel to the witch area, grab EO and the second brand cluster.

Level 24: Get Elemental Weakness (use on bosses, if possible get Faster Casting too and link it to Elemental Weakness)
If you have reached Solaris level 2 do the fire damage to spell wand crafts.
If needed craft movement speed on boots.
Level 28: Get Armageddon Brand and remove Storm Brand
Put Brand Recall on left mouse and let Armageddon Brand do its magic. Make sure to keep Arcane Cloak up aswell. Keep upgrading your life and mana potions. You want to chug a mana potion each time you have activated Arcane Cloak.
Vitality,Clarity (R,B)
Armageddon Brand-Added Lightning-Faster Casting-Culling Strike (BBBG)
Wave of Conviction-Combustion-Added Lightning-Phys to Lightning (BBBB)
Flame Dash, Brand Recall (B,B)
Arcane Cloak-Arcane Surge (BB)
Elemental Weakness-Faster Casting (BB)

Level 31: Do library, get Increased Duration and link it to Arcane Cloak.
Arcane Cloak-Arcane Surge-Increased Duration (BBR)
Level 34: Once you reach act 4 town do the first lab
Grab Conviction of Power Ascendancy and Hierophant (+4 Power Charges)
Elemental Overload will now be up nearly all the time.
Armageddon bombs should annihilate everything left and right. Keep Arcane Cloak up and use Wave of Conviction and Elemental Weakness on harder enemies. It should feel insane at this point.
Level 38: Get Sigil of Power and put in in the 2nd weapon slot for later.

Level Guide 40-70
PoB for level 70 with Armageddon Brand: https://pobb.in/WmNFH9t9B2Sv

We start filling out mana nodes and go south to the Dynamo cluster. There will be a point around level 60 where I suggest speccing into MoM.

Sadly we do not have enough respec points to spec into the Brand Ascendancy as Hierophant at league start. Cruel and Merciless lab will go into both totem ascendancies but since the cruel lab will do nothing for us we wait and do cruel and merciless lab later once we have the 2 key items and intend to switch builds in act 10 around level 70.

Act 6 ~Level 45: Fix your resists with the bench crafts and buy 2x Ballista Totem, Barrage Support, Power Siphon and Kinetic Blast. Level them in the second slot.
This is in preparation for when we can afford Mind of the Council and Piscator.

Armageddon Brand will carry us easily through the acts to level 70.

At league start my tip would be to use rogue markers that start dropping at be beginning of act 6 to do the following: Being able to do the chaos orb vendor recipe requires a lot of rare rings/amulets/belts which hold you back the most. Starting at level 59 I highly suggest that you use 1 rogue marker each level up to get to rogue harbour and buy out any Lockpicking, Perception, Counter-Thaumaturgy, Trap Disarment contract level 60+ contracts. These will give you level 60 jewelry items and currency. Do the chaos vendor recipe until you can afford the helm and the wand.

Once you have the helm, the wand and did Cruel and Merciless lab with Armageddon Brand you can do the switch to Power Siphon ballista totems. I suggest doing that at level 70. A bit of farming in Quarry might be needed, but that is no big deal. You need 18 respec points from quests.

If you have resistance/dexterity/stength needs you can spec into Practical Application in the witch area for 2 points. It can help you get going.

Level 70 PoB with Power Siphon ballista totems after respec: https://pobb.in/qrHuczQBvQA-

Piscator has no added damage on the wand. Thus in the early 4 link setups we keep Added Lightning damage. You can start with this. If resistances are a problem you can switch Wrath with Purity of Elements.

Power Siphon-Barrage Support-Added Lightning Damage-Ballista Totem (BBRG)
Kinetic Blast-Added Lightning Damage-Ballista Totem-Greater Multiple Projectiles (BBRG)
Arcane Cloak-Arcane Surge-Increased Duration (BBR)
Precision, Flame Dash, Blood Rage (GGB)
Frenzy,Sniper's Mark-Faster Casting (G,GB)
Wrath-Inspiration-Divine Blessing (RRB)

Level 85
~3m dps with some really cheap uniques, 5 link and level 19 gems.

In this step we buy Breathstealer, Ephemeral Bond. Depending on costs you can already buy Atziri's Foible instead of Ephemeral Bond.
Buy oils for Panopticon and Watchtower annoints.

Level 92
18m+ guardian dps with 8 totems: https://pobb.in/JMrdqj8a_1PO

Goals are the following:

* Get a shaper shield with +1 totems
* Get a six link rare chest
* Get 2 good normal jewels
* Get a Stygian with one good abyss jewel
* Get a good Piscator unique wand. As close to 18% attack speed and 30% crit chance you can afford.
* Get a Healthy Mind jewel
* Get Dance the Offered
* Get Atziri's Foible and Annoint Watchtowers
* If possible use Amethyst rings

Juggle your str/dex and resistances with all the above and your tree.

Good luck. :)

3.22 Level 95 PoB using Lightning Coil
PoB: https://pobb.in/gGhrjG0R-bXe
If you can get BBBRRG in your Lightning Coil use Lightning Pen (B), Power Siphon, Critical Damage, Ballista Totem, Elemental Damage with Attacks and Barrage

If you only have BBRRRG use Damage on Full Life (R), Power Siphon, Critical Damage, Ballista Totem, Elemental Damage with Attacks and Barrage

The Doryani jewel slot position highly depends on your gear you have available. If you are using a Large Cluster or not. If you are using Dance the Offered or not.
If you are using Dance the Offered you have Agnostic on the item thus you can put a Doryani Xibaqua for Divine Flesh in the left side.

Otherwise the best spot is putting it near Pain Attunement.

3.22 Level 100 PoB using Lightning Coil + Berserk
PoB: https://pobb.in/i_nxrnJuuKEC
Very very tanky while doing more than enough damage.

Crafting your 20+div Imbued Wand

Crafting the final wand. This wand will have 19% attack speed, T1 crit chance (essence), T2+ global crit multi as suffixes, elemental pen as prefix and then any good beneficial exalt slam outcome and a good craft.

I would only start this craft with a good amount of currency in the bank ~20div.

1. Buy a fractured ilvl 85+ Imbued wand with 19% attack speed (nothing less)
1a. Perfect Fossil for 28%+ quality (you can do this later with Hillock too)
2. Use the highest Essence of Loathing for critical strike chance. The goal is to get T2+ global critical strike multiplier, filling all 3 suffixes. The odds are 1 in 50.
3. Craft Suffixes cannot be changed
4. Veiled Chaos Orb. You either need zero prefixes other than the unveil or a T3+ of a good prefix. If you only got the unveil go to step 5. If you got lucky go to step 7.
5. Craft lightning damage to spells.
6. Exalt Slam and hope for: T3+ elemental damage with attacks, spell damage, spell damage and mana, + maximum mana, %lightning damage, added lightning damage. The odds are 1 in 16. If you did not hit it go back to step 3.
7. Craft %physical damage
8. Unveil elemental penetration.
9. Craft either %spell and chaos damage or +maximum mana.

Result will be sth. like this:

Get Hillock in Transportation and apply 28% quality to the wand.
Harvest enchant either critical strike chance or attack speed. You can check PoB which would be better for you at that point.

Archive (3.19, 3.20, 3.21)
3.21 My gear at 100

3.21 PoB (Vengeant Cascade is dead. Do not use this in 3.22!)

3.20 My gear at 100

3.20 PoB (the jack of all trades, totally fine in 3.22)

3.19 My gear at 100

3.19 PoB (There is no Kalandra rings/amulets anymore. Do not use this in 3.20+)

If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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Hey, just starting the league and found this build on POE.Ninja, so to now find you written guide with some leveling steps is great. Thanks for the info!
Hi i would like to know what you'll be for this build when Doryani's variant will be deleted (assuming no longer negative res after 3.19) ?
It will still be good to play for clear all content / all challenges ?
Do you have pob example without Doryani's already or you will need to theorycraft (if you consider still playing it)
I am too dumb to figure this out (but still want to try this build!), but how do we convert all damage dealt to Lightning? We have to do only Lightning Damage, due to Doryani's.

Kinetic Blast and Power Siphon are physical attacks, doing phys damage. I can't find the explanation in the PoB...

zorker wrote:
Flat lightning damage comes from Arcane Cloak, Sigil of Power, Mind of the Council and the boot enchant.

Percent damage increase comes from a bunch of sources.

You mean, flat lightning damage is enough for these damage numbers??
Shavronne wrapped Kaom's waist,
with her gilded purple boots.
"You want my sockets?"
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I might be dumb but i'm wondering why do you ahve spell damage on your wand ?
I think it's because of Wand Mastery "Increases and Reductions to Spell Damage also apply to Attacks while wielding a Wand".
Shavronne wrapped Kaom's waist,
with her gilded purple boots.
"You want my sockets?"
LeBark wrote:
Hi i would like to know what you'll be for this build when Doryani's variant will be deleted (assuming no longer negative res after 3.19) ?

For now I would pick the Lightning Coil variant. It is one of the variants.

Jadran wrote:
You mean, flat lightning damage is enough for these damage numbers??

~400 from helmet
~800 from arcane cloak
~20-500 from Sigil of Power
1-160 from boot enchant (with Lightning Coil variant the 10% pen enchant is better)

xtoaad wrote:
I might be dumb but i'm wondering why do you ahve spell damage on your wand ?

Yes it is the Wand Mastery "Increases and Reductions to Spell Damage also apply to Attacks while wielding a Wand"
I think i try out this builds as league starter in 3.20. My question for this build is: is lightning coil or cloak of defiance better? Which makes you more tanky over all, which more damage, which more utility?
Pre-patch notes looking at league starting this as well for a couple of reasons. Haven't played totems in a long ass time & I want something that starts with good single target. The early uniques look like they will be only a couple of C each.

Have leveled quite a few times with wintertide brand so might try something different but as to what... no (good) ideas yet.

Looking at cloak of defiance vs lightning coil the coil seems better in every way by a large margin except for lightning degens.

So some early testing with just the helmet (1-2c) a piscators (1c) & a Atziri's Foible (it's expensive but gives the same dps as The Ephemeral Bond which is (1c) and a malachai's loop (2c) it can clear red maps with a 5 link at lvl 80. Had no issue killing essence monsters as well.

Added lightning damage appears to be the superior support gem early on.

Issues encountered:
Degens are brutal. Bleed, Corrupting Blood and Poison. -60 chaos resist doesn't help either. Can get one of these on the mana flask.
No pierce makes stuff that constantly summons adds (like beasts) rough for power siphon because it can't hit the rares so have to use KB

Starting offhands
The Scales of Justice (started at 1c last league & ended at 20 so may be expensive earl)
Malachai's Loop (make sure you set your power charges to max 5 in PoB so this doesn't look better than it is)
Ahn's Heritage may be worth losing 1 end charge for onslaught and a ton of life but the STR requirement is high
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How do you manage the piercing problem of power siphon in the end game version?

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