[3.23] MoM Crit Power Siphon Totem Hierophant

How do you manage the piercing problem of power siphon in the end game version?

I was wondering this as well - it's Anomalous Barrage Support giving him 2 pierce.
Oh i see. I think this will be my league starter. If they really put mana reservation efficency on normal jewels,then 1 aura builds will be way less popular. So technically some of the expasive items should decrease in price over all.
I highly suggest running KB while mapping. Yes it costs a 4link. It is that strong for clear. Power Siphon and the mark will take care of any boss or super hard rare once things have cleared a bit.

Kinetic Blast is insane for mapping.

Degens are only a problem if you have not managed your mana regen. You have to run Agnostic and probably a mana flask. Rings will be Amethyst rings for sure but they need mana regen. Get mana regen nodes early in the league.

Same goes last totem hiero node. So much regen. But to get there you need 7 totems. The blight gloves are an option early for a second annoint. Since we should run Precision early on we are not that tight on accuracy.

One important note. If you cannot run the Font Thunder setup yet there is no point in making Purity of Lightning your only aura.

It is way better to run Precision+Clarity+Vitality early on since we have so much mana and use Divine Blessing + any aura of your choosing. Purity of Elements would give you ailment immunity for mana costs you have a ton of anyway. You need to cut on some gems to get there. There is no need for Berserk early on unless you have the life regen enchant (from arcane cloak) and the rage gen gloves. When running Purity of Elements it loosens the grip on other gear pieces and you need it for shock immunity early on.

There is a lot of wiggle room.

4link = Kinetic Blast
4link = Arcane Cloak
chest = Power Siphon

Leaves 4 + 3 + 3 links = 10

Precision, Clarity, Vitality, Divine Blessing + Aura that is 5.
Snipers Mark+Mark on Hit, Frenzy+Gmp, Flame Dash is another 5.

I would cut for the start: Blood Rage, Sigil of Power and Berserk.

Since Enhance is for later Arcane Cloak is a 4 link with Sigil of Power so you have that going too.

With Piscerator's you want as much flat lightning damage from other sources as you can get since the wand has none. So Added Lightning is probably a desired gem in that gearing phase.

*edit* Updated the first post with a leveling guide. I tested it. Wintertide Brand does not work well with the build concept. We use Arcane Cloak and wand crafts early. Wintertide Brand does not hit and thus does not benefit from it.

Purifying Flame+Holy Flame Totem --> Purifying Flame+Stormbrand --> Wave of Conviction+Stormbrand --> Wave of Conviction+Armageddon Brand --> Kinetic Blast+Power Siphon ballista totems.
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Levelling this as holy flame totem is quite smooth as soon as you get your first lab and 3 totems. Used blazing salvo early for single target as it does absurd single target early on when you have flat damage.

It may be better to go Blazing Salvo + 2 totems.

Wave of conviction mines feel a bit too awkward for 15% so probably going to skip using exposure while levelling.

Zorker: Thoughts on running Searing Bond + Multiple Totems for extra damage when you get 2nd lab? Gives 10% more damage for very little effort. 15% for more effort.

Hmm you're taking a very different levelling path than I. I an planning on staying Elemental Overload until maps.
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Endactam wrote:
Hmm you're taking a very different levelling path than I. I an planning on staying Elemental Overload until maps.

Yes this is by choice for the league start. That way the respec points from quests are enough to spec out of the brand nodes.
Thanks to Storm Brand/Armageddon Brand/Kinetic Blast you can speed through areas while leveling. Only enemies I kill while leveling are unique ones since they drop a lot of magic items for currency conversion. Rares can be skipped.
Of course you can level with Holy Flame Totem only and skip the brands. But to be honest leveling with Armageddon Brand from 28 to 56 where you can switch to Kinetic Blast is just so good.
The leveling path I choose give you a lot of sustain on life and mana and a ton of damage from Arcane Cloak because of the mana pool.
Btw Wave of Conviction is not only for the debuff. On bosses you plaster down the brands and then go ham with WoC. It does good damage and is a great boss dps support until 56. If I had to change sth from my last leveling I would switch Combustion to Unleash/Faster Casting on WoC.
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zorker wrote:

Yes this is by choice for the league start. That way the respec points from quests are enough to spec out of the brand nodes.

Yup that makes sense. Since I'm a lot less knowledgeable about the build it's probably safer to stay spells until later. I tried to switch to PS a couple times to see when it feels good.
Act 6 Start - Felt awful PS had < 100 dps on the tooltip lol (had no power charges tho)
Act 8 - Felt ok, clear was really good, single target was bad. (followed your tree but had worse items)

Kind of strange because power siphon had 60k in PoB and holy flame totem had 55k when switching trees but holy flame felt like it had 5x the damage.
Clear has to be with Kinetic Blast. Power Siphon gets online with Mind of the Council. Which should be the first item you buy. Once you have 5L Power Siphon it should feel nice.

That being said. With very little elemental attack damage and Arcane Cloak on cooldown your Power Siphon damage will be really low since you have so little added damage when starting out.

That being said. If the setup you are using while leveling is fine just stick with it until you can buy Mind of the Council.

Oh and another major thing. The ballista totem playstyle is attack based. Means you need chance to hit. That is why using Precision is key until you get really good accuracy rolls on gear on top right wand nodes.

*edit* One super important note early on. When you switch to Mind of the Council you want Purity of Elements+Divine Blessing. I highly suggest linking Inspiration to the aura making it a 3link. On top I would not spec Forethought anymore. It costs to much mana at that stage. Just use the 2 nodes to get -10% mana cost of skills mastery.
The last part is an Enduring mana flask with the suffix "reduced mana cost of skills during flask effect". This will allow you to use the blessing quite often without really having to care. You could use Lavianga's Spirit unique flask too but then you need to hit the Blessing in the window after Arcane Cloak when you actually have <100% mana.
To get that just watch out for fractured mana flasks.
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Well no buffs or noticeable nerfs in the patch notes. Healthy mind might be slightly more or less expensive being corruption only.
Had no time yesterday for launch trailer and patch notes. Will read them today.

The build is using the following unique jewels:
* Forbidden Flesh
* Forbidden Flame
* Sublime Vision
* Watcher's Eye
* Impossible Escape
* Glorious Vanity
* (Healthy Mind)

Here is the real problem. They have not listed which jewels they actually removed.

The availability of existing Unique Jewels has been reviewed, and many (including Replica versions) can no longer be obtained.

We've also rebalanced some Unique Jewels and compensated for the loss of specific jewels in the form of new modifiers or skill changes.

The only jewel listed in the patch notes is Healthy Mind. All others are not listed. I can only hope that they are alive.

But of course if those jewels would be removed the PoE subreddit would probably errupt. So we gucci.
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Did someone check if doppelgänger guiso as alternativ? Doryianis without - lightnig res is kind of weak. Did someone compare it to lightning coil? I dont know if pob shows the correct values for doppelgänger...

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