New Hideouts and Super Stash Sale

15 bucks for something a layman could do in 30 minutes in blender.

Price should mirror the effort. Make that 10 points per hideout or all together for 5each in a bundle. But this?

No. The greed shows.

Are we back to salvage box levels of greed again, yeah?
as you walk:

no footprints in sand

no ripples in sea

top notch low quality

sea looks really cool but yeah .. looks bad when you Jesus-walk on it
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Are these hideouts an out of season April Fools joke?
140 points for this?
Whaat da faaakk?
More jokes GGG rly ...
Just ctrl+C and ctrl+v job.
Kick ass, who make this and who set the price ...
Before selling hideouts like garbage
plz Make it possible to rotate the waypoint again as before
Still can't rotate the waypoint in hideout
These feel very underwhelming. Especially the Glacial one considering the map ones available to us
Well, I am usually pissed that the new hideouts are only for the shop and not for grind, but this time, well, these 8 are totally in line with the actual league's quality to say the least, I would not even grind these out. Seriously, what are those clearly visible fittings on all those plain hideouts? Even the whole eight in a set would not worth that 145 points, not even maps to waste to grind for them this time.
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Heist: released in an absolute broken and incomplete state. Next league: delayed for another game.
And instead of polishing that next league in the delay, They are jumping on the next after; enough of this.
The sea and the sky look nice , but the sand and snow have to repetitive tiling.

I hope you make it less noticeable.

i mean ... WTF?

i rly understand that you have to make money and until now i did it for the sake, but but this is

... selling HO tile textures for switching the ground in EVERY HO would be great, but this is ... wow ...

For the first time of playing PoE i'm out because of this ...

i don't like posts like this, but this HOs are so ... embrassing

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Not a big fun, looks like they just put a bench and chest on a different colored texture that looks kinda bugged...

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