New Hideouts and Super Stash Sale

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These "hideouts" bring out a variety of emotions in me.

As a sometime customer, I can only laugh at the price for an empty plane with a terrible tiling texture applied to it.

As a person, I find it sad that there are people who look at these products and say "Take my money!!"

As an aspiring game developer, I find hope in the fact that people will look at these products and say "Take my money!!" If they'll drop $14 on this crap, selling almost anything to today's gamers should be a snap.
There are two types of POE players:
1) Those who want to walk uphill both ways barefoot on broken glass wearing a blindfold
2) F*cking noobs

I identify as transnational Chinese. May I have access to their QOL features, please?
Speaking of hideouts, what about the Doomguard hideout? The blood and reflections are still gone since June.
these hideouts are an absolute joke. i don't think they're trying anymore.
Can we please have floor tiles "doodads" for the hideouts we already own instead of those standalone hideouts.

We have been waiting so long for more floor tiles that a fair amount should be added to the masters for reputation.

A bundle of different premium floor tiles "doodads" is something people might be interested in buying, assuming there is a close to infinite amount of each tile.


Floor tiles should not be counted toward the number of "doodads" limit in hideouts by the way.
HAHAHA this is a joke right?
I don't usually complain publicly about any discontent that I have with the direction of the game, but I have several concerns about MTX like this.

Let me preface this by saying that I really appreciate the tools we already have for creating hideouts to personalize our game. While not perfect, GGG has put a lot of effort into this and did well to make it a system that was earned through playing the game.

However ...

We need flat tiling tools as a base feature for hideouts, not a growing set of individual-texture options that each sell for what is a fairly outrageous price. Improving the topology (flatness) of existing in-game hideouts would also go a long way toward empowering freedom in hideout design. These MTX do not resolve the underlying issues that will encourage players to buy them.

The recent additions of free flooring tile decorations for hideouts were greatly welcomed, even if they aren't perfect. These new hideouts are essentially re-branding the same thing as expensive MTX, monetizing a design flaw (lack of flatness) with existing in-game hideouts.

Replicating the model as several individual MTX instead of providing one base hideout with different tiling options just adds insult to injury, while creating a barrier that prevents improving base hideout technology in the future (since they have now sold solutions to hideout problems for real money). It is one thing to sell one empty hideout canvas. It is another to sell nearly ten.

Ignoring the argument of whether this problem should be solved by in-game hideout tools or by individual MTX, the pricing for these options is egregious. I'm sure that they will "sell very well," as people understandably want to support the game and the new hideouts will make hideout design easier, but I can't personally approve of selling this solution in the way it has been.

It is irrelevant, but my choice to not display my monetary support of the game doesn't mean that I haven't done so.

It is entirely possible that GGG added the freely-earned floor tile decorations in anticipatiion of also releasing this as a paid feature. Regardless, I still don't think that this is the right solution.

My reaction is admittedly a bit knee-jerk, but the situation seems plain enough. My interest is in improving a game that we love and due to a growing concern about the pricing of the microtransactions that support its development.
Man, that Infinite Abyss Hideout looks lonelier than superman's fortress of solitude(aka. glacial hideout)
I like the Urban Sprawl Hideout, because it makes me feel comfortable and looks like it has alot of space(keyword "looks like", since these are technically all hideouts with empty space)
I also like the All at Sea Hideout for its water reflections.
The sky hideout is kinda cool, but it doesn't look cloudy enough :/. I like happy clouds like in that 1 diablo lvl xD

Funny thing: my NPC always resetted my hideouts when i changed them, so i never changed them again and have been stuck with supermans fortress of solitude ever since..and have gotten used to the music/arrangement there now (._. )

Some other ppl have really cool hideouts tho ( ._.)
Blubbeys Convenient 4-Color Filter:

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I was disappointed about the price of the Celestial Nebula HO as well, but at least it was the first and "one of a kind" back then.

Most of these new HOs are simply repetitive tilesets with the same sound of footsteps.

Heavily disappointed about this release and that price.


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