New Hideouts and Super Stash Sale

dachoppa wrote:
these hideouts are an absolute joke. i don't think they're trying anymore.

True, their supporter packs are hit and miss, and on the opposite end of their "effort" spectrum, their Twilight mystery box designs are their best designs to date. Yeah, they're definitely trying, but $electively...
HO = Ctrl+C Ctrl+V
It's just a slap in the face of the players.
ilyily wrote:

could almost think you are payed for brain afk posts tbh lol
Neosobr wrote:
HO = Ctrl+C Ctrl+V
It's just a slap in the face of the players.

That's the reason I don't understand why they are charging money for these hideout. I mean even the standart hideouts did take more time and effort to make. These are just plain lands. Done without any effort. In my opinion these should be added to the standert free hideout pool.
Im sorry for saying this but in my opinion this is just too much, GGG. After releasing a mess of a league where content that should be added as core components gets added after 3 weeks in the league. With all those bugs which had to be literally untested otherwise they would have been noticed before release. And to top all of that you really want to charge money for these hideouts... That's just hilarious...

What comes next? Leaguewise subspription model where you can only play the league if you pay for it? Cause if you are already charging money for these hideout I fell like a subsciption isn't as far away as they always say.

Don't get me wrong I still think that POE is a great game and I really love playing it but seeing all the issues with the actual league and something like these hideouts for money makes me feel like GGG starts getting a wrong focus.

bought the music hideout mtx to change ambiant noise but you can only change the music ... :(
And know you put 15€ HO with bad texture :(
If harvest go core You can take my money tyred of not beinge able to craft good stuff without 1000Ex
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its celestial nebula hideout with full screen floor skin. D:
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iolanthe wrote:
Synthesis was the greatest league of all time.

No, act 3 with Dominus was the best league. When the game wasn't like typical asian game yet.

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