New Hideouts and Super Stash Sale

1 Month of beta testing the league for you.
15€ to buy a copy/paste floor textures with ugly repeating pattern.
These hideout should've been free to discover in the game...

Wtf are you doing GGG ?
Im honestly impressed the 10 sales from this better go to POE 2
Hideouts shmideouts!

By the way, earlier this week our composer Kamil appeared on the Forever Exiled podcast. Check out the full episode here!
Forever Exiled Podcast -
this mtx...

You know the ship is sinking and they want to milk the last passengers.
This screams low quality to me. You didn't even make the effort to make the textures in a way that the repetition would be seamless.. All those tiles are so obvious and "in your face".
Nice scam GGG ...
Damn 15$ for nothing
Yikes these are lazy, even by my standards.
that is an awful lot of money for literally nothing but a nasty repeating floor pattern in a big square, what warrants the price tag?

i know mtx is literally the most important thing in the world to you guys but if you could possibly fix the crashes in heist fully before the leagues over i would really appreciate it, kinda annoyed i lost the most expensive item i've found all league due to no fault of my own. if you crash on the way out which let's face it is where all the crashes generally happen you get screwed out of everything.
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