New Hideouts and Super Stash Sale

This feels like a joke. A bad joke.
These should be free.
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Christians will love the All at Sea hideout.
14-15€ for this lol.

I always said the same, if GGG cut the prizes on half of all the MTXs, they would sell a lot more than this exageration.
New pog hideouts.

My guess is you fired this guy.
Maybe rehire him to fix this 15$ broken copy paste
Ngl, this is pretty gross, they should be like $14 for all of them in a pack. I'm glad I skipped buying this supporter pack and actively playing this league. I'll try to remember that you're selling literal empty spaces with multiple active visual glitches for over $100 in future when considering those packs.
Dying__Lights wrote:
Darvist1 wrote:
Just saying

The League Stash Tab Bundle cost more than buying the tabs indevidualy now cause ya didn't put it on sale?

What kind of math is this?

Well 10cents gotta make money somehow.
ElJudge wrote:
Any chance clipping on floors will be fixed in Celestial Nebula? These hideouts don't seem to have that issue.

Whatever do you mean? My Celestial Nebula Hideout decor foundation is made up of nothing but floor pieces that I had to custome fit. If what you mean is the borders having limits then ye that is a bit difficult to work around but can be essentially filled in with other decorations.

I call my hideout "TheNotSoCelestialNebula.Hideout". Feel free to pm me in-game on this current toon I am posting on in Softcore Trade League Heist if you'd like to see it. It's still not technically finished yet but most of the stuff is there.

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Discount vs no discount. Still pretty weird though.

Sea HO is poor, no ripples, no waves, looks like spilled oil or something similar. Grasslands and sand could have some hills/dunes at least to be not so dull.
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