New Hideouts and Super Stash Sale

Darvist1 wrote:
Just saying

The League Stash Tab Bundle cost more than buying the tabs indevidualy now cause ya didn't put it on sale?

What kind of math is this?
Finally just empty space.
5 Way/100% Delirious service and more -

Map/Blueprint Duplicate service -
Could we please get a Synthesis hideout? like a hideout with blue swirls covering the place like the distant memories?

I will only buy league sections at 50 coins for all three. Otherwise it makes no sense !!! three tabs that can be merged into one !!! GGG stop being greedy!
Hmm. Does anyone else think these bare hideouts look a bit strange with their repetitive tiling? I mean, I guess they are made to be covered anyway, but still... also, there is a lighting glitch in the boundless skies hideout, and the shadow looks pretty off.
Un-gate content.
very nice! you'll be getting my cash with some of these. :D
now PLEASE give me an eternal darkness version. full black without any light sources !!! <3
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145 a pop, darn that's harsh.
Would have though these would make great entry level hideouts since they are a bit plane and you really got to cover them so the repeating textures don't become an eyesore.
Outside of all at sea and boundless skies I would've expected like 70 points at most for these hideouts. All at sea and Skies would be fine-ish at 145 but why are the plain texture ones 145 too?
Hell, why is there not one "canvas" hideout for free, would allow people to use the layouts people make in these canvas hideouts to at least sort of use them, even if the theme is a bit different.

This coming from the guy who bought celestial nebula hideout the second it came on sale. Just thought this was a bit lame, concept is good but the pricing is atrocious.
these are almost all awful with shitty tiled textures...

how about giving us a completely black/blank hideout with the ability to adjust the light in a time of day/location fashion than this crap?
mostly harmless
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GonzoHobo wrote:
Finally just empty space.

Premium price empty space.

Like buying bottled water for 5 bucks / litre to feel doing something special for ya body.

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