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hilarious stuff
I really like the lore, voice acting, and characters in the heist league. Your efforts are not in vain friend.

this is some hidden hide and seek quest thingy to find some hidden message ? i knw what ggg. not my cup of tea. and not for others either.

people want hack slash in out, s
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Harbour, rogues and the dialogues are the best part of heist. Really well done, congratulations on that!
I really enjoyed the lore of Heist, I hope the league goes core.
Please no cannibals though, there is nothing ethical about eating other people.
I have to say, the writing this league was a phenomenal improvement compared to any other league I can think of! It was such an unexpected surprise, but by the gods what a welcome one it was.

It sparked a kind of joy in me I usually reserve for Baldur's Gate 2 and old, companion driven RPGs. Really, I take the opportunity to gush about it any time I can, because it really is an absolute pleasure to hear the heist members banter about the way that they do.

Every member of the crew is unique, well written and interesting in their own way. They each have a flavourful dynamic with the rest of the cast and the voice acting was top notch. The quests for the crew pulled back the veil a little further on each of them and made me genuinely interested/invested into their stories.

Honestly this tremendous improvement on the general approach to story, lore and NPCs has me more excited for POE2 than almost any other mechanical improvement/overhaul promised or shown.

I really wish we could get an in depth AMA about the writing process and what you guys changed to arrive at this place from where you were a year ago. You and the team have seriously outdone yourselves - I still delight every time I go into the planning room, and I almost always end up laughing at what I hear. My only regret is that there's no way to re-visit quest dialogue after you're done with it.

Please continue the great work, and know that there are huge swathes of the community that are grateful for your efforts! <3
I only see a big nerf and Exalt prices start to go up
I am a lore lover and I am so sad that the lore of this game is so hard to come by, most is speculations and guesses. So a more in-game way of telling these things would be perfect for us that love lore!
The Clients for general contract targets include The Midnight Tinkerer, who you may also know as Riker Maloney, and Anton Laffrey, who is possibly related to Aisling Laffrey.

Yeah this. Also when vinderi disarms traps he sometimes say something like: a twist on the Maloney Design

Really like it when the npcs know each other that way :>
It is definitely a delightful experience to hear the lines of these new characters, especially when they interact with each other. It is for me much more immersive and creates an other layer of refinement in this constantly evolving game. I definitely would like to see more of that in the future! Cheers

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