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Lore is nice :)
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I really like the lore this league, good amount of dialogues
Very very interesting the most highlighted part for me is

Some of the characters may have familiar last names -- Vic and Vinny Vox are likely related to Cardinal Sanctus Vox, one of the Legion bosses. The timeframes are inexact, but there are at least a few generations separating them.

Considering that on the legion scarabs mini story you can see that the Cardinal and his fellow templars got trapped within the legion endless battle after "the order" sent them to investigate.
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Yeah lore post!!

I really enjoy the lore in path of exile, can't wait to learn more about the watchers of decay(their story on scarabs isn't enough), the decay itself, or anything else, even from leagues.

What will come out of Innocence's holiday trip?

We will see in POE2!! (i hope so)
I know this hasn't been a popular league.

But I've absolutely loved the dialogue, the different styles and quests, and especially the hints at shared history and depth; and I've spent more time swapping the rogues in and out of blueprints to find new conversations than I have actually running them.
(Which is only partly because I've only found four blueprints in 84 levels.)
So sincere thanks for making the style of the league so enjoyable.

TBH the league itself is thematically unconvincing: it'd be great in A1-A5 while the exile is little-known, but it's hard to run away from guards once you're stomping around looking for gods to kill. Again.
But the detail and interaction is a very good taste of what I suspect is coming in PoE2.
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Good stuff. Well done!
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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More to love about this league! Thanks, as always, GGG and crew!

Also, can we get a couple rolls of Bounty™ to soak up all these salty tears being spilled? Thanks!
I wonder how much of PoE's player base think of all the lore? Do they care? I personally find it boring and uninteresting. It'll never excite the imagination as much as Dark Souls or Witcher. I'm sure the staff behind the lore of this game enjoy building upon it but it rarely has much impact on the actual experience of playing.

Too much of it is very tedious and lacks true depth. It's very shallow. Luckily it's easy to ignore and there are no amateurish cut scenes to skip.

Big up to Jeff and the console team.
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so can you fix the league now or not? wanna start playing it
I was seriously impressed with the amount of work that went into the lore for this league.

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