Heist Lore Interesting Facts

dynamically moving NPCs and more conversations between them

Hopefully this gets added at some point. Right now I'm enjoying this exact thing in BG3 EA ;)
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The really amazing thing is that Nashta managed to stay out of the detention camps that the Oriathans have set up in the Vastiri Plains. It'll be quite remarkable if there are any Maraketh left by the time of PoE 2, given how the state views them as unwanted vagrants and likely terrorists. The traditions of an akhara are ever so fragile in the face of such a massive re-education programme.
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That's very interesting stuff.
Quite sad that NZ Lockdown forced you to cut some content, really want to see your cannibal idea in the game.

Regardless of pretty boring gameplay and empty maps (again, no additional monsters from league on maps), the lore part of Heist is top tier.
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You put so much in to dialogue and world building don't you think it is undermining and immersion breaking to put in npcs we know from other areas we can't interact with?
It makes sense that Hargan is there but not that we have nothing to say to each other. It makes little sense Cassia has nothing to say and we can't anoint or anything? Weirdo It That Fled is just hanging around and everyone is ok with it?
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Interesting facts... yesyes.
The lore and characters are phenomenal this league, you guys really knocked it out of the park!
We might try to use a few of these characters again in the future. There are some I'm keen to explore further.

let me guess... a betrayal.
NickK - just wanted to say - you're awesome. That's all. Have a good day and keep doing you. Because it's great.
Looking forward to playing Heist league soon!

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