Heist Lore Interesting Facts

The rogues' banter is the best part of the league... shame it was ruined by piles of bugs. If the lockdown continues I wouldn't mind next league being smaller in scope and delayed, but I would mind if it's again 3 weeks in and you're still patching stuff...
reading all of this is fun n stuff, but is it just me or is tullina been spoted in the poe 2 trailer when they get hanged? scion is blonde tho and close enough to the fire if it was the scion to see the blonde hair but it isnt, appart from that they look pretty similar if you ask me but oh well, maybe its just me thinking to much about the best girl in poe :P
Cool lore. Thanks KittenCatNoodle. Oops, this is from GGG.. hmm.
Sorry about your cat. :(
Is there any lore about the crashes, terrible bugs, or was that edited out of the story or come in an MTX mystery box?
I love this league's dialog so much, after hearing a lot of it everytime I hear a new entry or conversation I get so excited and I turn the music or podcast off so I could hear better, and I'm not even a lore guy, but honestly this is amazing writing, the first time I heard anytibbs time, i couldn't stop laughing, these lines are definitely going core, at least in my mind
Thank you nick for the amazing work.
"your star has arrived"
Hmm, i rather enjoy the interactions but, Sirus has the best story hands down. You guys should incorporate a time travel "young sirus and the gang adventures in the atlas" for a future update. Back when they were still sane and zana was trying to help with the elder/shaper debacle. Honestly, the lore in poe is extremely well done.
The Boss is actually the cat and you will not change my mind
The NPC interactions are great. I love the fact most chacracters like that Karst have different type of approach to the heist when they are under pressure, make the whole encounter feel dynamic (even more with the modular cressendo from Kamil). It would be great that this type of attention will be put in the future NPC, for example, Cassia changing her lines a bit when the growth encounter is near complete, or Venarius getting more desperate as the boss encounter progress

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