Heist Lore Interesting Facts

It doesn't say how many crashes are needed until you do something about it ....
I'm really sorry about your cat ;< I lost my dog few months ago and I know how hard it is to keep working with all those emotions inside, hope you've got so much love from everybody! <3
Aaaaand sorry for my english! <3
Lore was TIGHT this league! gj
PoE 2077

Einhar: Wake the fuck up exile we have Wraeclast to burn and beasts to capture!!
Imagine Tibbs in a Tub like The Fall guy TV series in the 70's (or maybe it was the early 80's-can't remember precicely when, as I was just a lil fart back then), playing with his bubbles in a bubble bath :P
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very cool insight id like to see any and all of these characters again, they all bring a sort of subtle comic relief in their own ways, some less subtle than others of course
“What kind of f*cking neighborhood is this!?”
“People are under a lot of stress, Bradley.”
Good stuff. However, the Corpse Stitcher is the one that has stolen the show. I love her dialog. I really hope you folks turn her into a full boss with a storyline for the Laboratory area. That area is fantastic as well, some of the green and yellow effects hit pretty hard but look amazing. One of the more memorable aspects of Heist.
I thought I saw Hargan standing there and I was thinking how cool it would be with his background.
I tried to make one of the characters an ethical cannibal (again), but that was cut. One day...

I would strongly prefer if you didn't insert an ethical cannibal character and I find it disturbing you are so fixated on this.
I'm very happy about the fact that come PoE2 you will drop the 'day zero' thing if i still remembrr corectly so you can mention past leagues in future stories and i cant wait for you guys to expand the lore of the heist gang :D
One day you'll get another k.
Gianna and Adiyah...it be like that sometimes in this lockdown.

Is there any AI in the conversation system? Or does it only voice the lines you wrote?

I always look at NPCs as obedient androids, sentient, obedient, yet one day having a will of their own. Perhaps that's what "bugs" will end up being.

I am very afraid for the Karui, i am afraid that the legacy will be forgotten with the new campaign, poe2 and so on.

I miss the pirate part, even though i love sci-fi too.

I've been watching lately "Raised by the wolves" and it's...oddly intriguing.
Curiously, i've found some tidbits from there that some poe parts seem to be inspired from. For now, it's just...coincidences let's say.
I always wonder where writers get their inspiration from.

As for the harbour destruction, this would be a fitting song

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