3.12.4 Patch Notes Preview

Last league Winged Scarab Challenge, this league Twins challenges (2 of them).

Do you really have to put those troll challenges that cannot be completed by regular play but requires you to pay tons of currency on trade?
First page without any "POG"-autism, whats wrong with you ppl ?
I know the attention is currently on the active league and that's fine.
But please fix this bug before it ends so it doesn't again become a problem when the next league with a new atlas and map conversions starts:

Can you fix your monsters in library or laboratory that throw yellow ball with huge damage (always OS with 9k HP even for white monsters), that would be the best improvement to enjoy Heist intead of buffing talisman.
Too little too late.

I get you do what you can but if you beed a month of bugfixing a league that rubs for 3 month the problem is in the qa and the release cycle.

Take your time and get your priorities back to your audiance and stop focusing on maximising profit for tencent. Ir else you will lose way more on the long run than potentially would be possible.

Because if you look closly to the post of the past month a lot of people were upset about your non existing communication in your own forum as well as about your forced mtx announcements rather then fixing the league content. Those people wont put up with this much longer and leave the game one or two leagues in if you keep repeating that pattern.
the stash response is absolutely inexcusable regret spending money on this game already loved it but have spend 45$ on stash tabs just to find out your going to just keep adding new tabs instead of adding the new league items to the currency tab when its currency. disgusting cash grab. you people.. so successful such a great game and good monetization format and you have to go and be scum and completely mess yourself up, people are very angry right now, they wont keep spending forever, if there's 1 more new tab added that's just another type of currency that i'm forced to buy to store and enjoy the game after a league/in standard/during a league when it should be in the currency tab i quit.
Fix the drop rate of Exalted orbs.. didn't even found 1 all season -_-
I appreciate the trying, but this league and its patching shows huge issues and poses a terrible future.

Enabled the questline that leads toward the Freidrich Tarollo, Slave Merchant boss encounter.

On the 4th week, the prevoiusly late added bosses being still completely bugged, with their conditionals, we are still getting new broken ones.

Increased the range that you can move away from your Rogue Allies before they are interrupted from a Job that they are performing.

Again, 4th week, anyone tried out the league mechanism internally? Anyone tried to open 1 single door with an agility, counter or trap skill, while being attacked off-screen as You cannot move away from the door as a melee character?!

Unique Contracts can now be placed in the Unique Collection Tab.

Sorry, but this made me laugh hard. Unique contracts that do not drop for some of us at all in 330+ hours and costs 10EX+ now can be placed in the unique tab.
Oh, and smuggler's cache once in ~30 maps is a bad joke, in its current league where each map shall have one chache?!

The Passive Tree window will now be in the same position when re-opened as when it was last closed. Exceptions to this rule include the first time being opened after logging in to a character, characters below level 8, or if you have any unspent Ascendancy passive points with the Ascendancy passive tree visible.

That is some welcomed change for a long time. Bad thing is, it help nothing with the still broken league.

Fixed an issue where Heist members could sometimes ignore orders to perform Jobs if they were in another room or in combat.

We will see, we heard it already in before patch notes. Niles and Giana are still absuolutely broken, which is especially shameful, as those two would give the discounting reveals.

Fixed a bug where Maltreatment Axe, Disapprobation Axe and Psychotic Axe were unable to drop.

Again, it turnes out on 4th week that something not drops at all, really?

Fixed a bug where Talismans dropped from some Heists Chests in level 68+ areas were not correctly Anointed.

What about delve nodes, or incubators? They also dropping un-anointed.

Fixed a rare bug where a Curio Display in a Grand Heist could contain nothing.

Another funny problem, ran into it several times..

Fixed a bug where the "increased Rogue's Marker value of primary Heist Target" Heist Equipment modifier didn't work.

Again, 4th week to correct one of the key elements to get those extra markers.
If we are here, we are still getting ~300 markers from the 'extra' rewards by Tullina on i83 contracts, which is just a bad joke, again, right?

Fixed a bug where the "+X to Level of all Jobs" Heist Equipment modifier didn't work.

Well, just not in time, as this is useless for most of us with already maxed out characters.

I do not know why I even try to give any feedback anymore, but yeah, waiting for this new patch again.

Just to name some, 1 in ~30 maps smuggler's cache :D, marker income / reveal cost rate is still not in sync, lot of rouge equipment stat still not working, some generic heist skills still hit harder than Sirus's die beam or Shaper's slam :'D, etc..

Oh, and I failed so far 73 20/20 alternate gem corrupting for that great challenging challenge, I start to have a feeling that most of them cannot be corrupted to 21/20, so started to buy up 1/20 gems what was successfuly corrupted by others.. :D
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Heist: released in an absolute broken and incomplete state. Next league: delayed for another game.
And instead of polishing that next league in the delay, They are jumping on the next after; enough of this.
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Still waiting for stash affinities. I stopped playing harvest when they were announced because they were supposed to be in relatively quickly. Thanks, I skipped harvest for heist and still haven't got the stash affinities.
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Please consider to buff the drop rate of the twins contract. You released this very rare contract 2,5 weeks after league launch and it is needed at least 2 times for the challenges. The idea of spending 20-40 ex to have a fair chance to complete these challenges feels awful to me. I didn't find a twins contract by myself until now. I did 40/40 in the last 14 leagues and it never felt as bad as this league with the twins (let's forget about Aul in Delve for a moment, whose spawnrate was buffed in the end I think).
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