3.12.4 Patch Notes Preview

I'd still say POG ty tipleG
Enabled another boss?
Why tho? I mean is this boss contract also gonna have the absurd droprate that the twins have?, if so why even fucking bother.
It's ok to be white
22 Days in, League almost ready for release !!
Any word on Divergent Flicker Strike?
Please fix the "Failed to connect instance error"! Please!
Enabled the questline that leads toward the Freidrich Tarollo, Slave Merchant boss encounter.

Instead of adding more bosses that no one will be able to do because contracts don't drop from the non existent heist chaches in maps... how about GGG increases the chance of caches spawning in maps? I mean, Heist map grind challenge completed, 2/4 heist bosses down, I think I see one cache every 15-20 maps and when I open them all i get is around 100 markers and a regular heist. Like come on, am I really supposed to spend 10ex for a Twins boss mission in order to be able to complete a challenge and experience the actual end game of the league?

Im not asking for them to be in every single map and have them drop a unique contract every time but at least increase the spawn chance and for gods sake increase the amount of markers that drop from them along with maybe a blueprint instead of a regular heist contract. You get anywhere from 3-5 contracts per map already.
Whatever happened during the last patch/hotfix completely stopped my client crashing during heists.
It felt good to complete a grand heist properly.
IGN: JerleEleven (Jerle's Eleven ;))
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
Ripped 760pdps bow 16 Aug 2020 - 16 Aug 2020
Waited this long and none of the major issues were even touched. I'm usually pretty positive about GGG and the leagues they release but this one is by far the buggiest most frustrating league to play.

Inb4 "just don't play". The ideas in this league are good. But again, it feels like it was released by people that don't actually play their own game. There are so many frustrating mechanics/bugs in this league that any half experienced PoE player would have addressed before release. But it was released as is with more over tuned on death mechanics, bugs galore, frustratingly slow companion interactions, frustrating AI, overtuned loot which was then nerfed, endgame content severely gated behind RNG, and a nice forced "hardcore" experience in a game that's notoriously unstable/unfriendly for hardcore.

Edit: as a side not I enjoy the risk/reward experience of the league. What I don't enjoy is crashing/fps stuttering and feeling like some deaths are entirely out of my hands.
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