3.12.4 Patch Notes Preview

please increase the job speed and remove more doors i am trying really hard do heists but a single demolition heist is like 9 bombs going and 9 in the way back... thats a lot of wait f bad gameplay

and remove perception observation totem we already have a lot of wait to stop move for 20 seconds looking this awful totens
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Alternate Quality Gems can now be supported by gems which match the bonuses granted by their Alternate Quality.

Does this mean Phantasmal Summon Skeleton (Skellie Archers) will now work as expected with all the Projectile supports, and NOT work with melee supports?
I just hope Niles is gonna be fixed, that fucker never does what you want.
No fixes to The Twins being bugged. No fix to Defeat The Twins Conditionally. No increase to smuggler's cache spawn rate.

Thus, primary league boss still unplayable. 40/40 still impossible. When's the next patch?
Increased the distance you can move away from mercenary allies before they stop using the thief skill.

Sadness, now the theft will infuriate even more ... here 1000% of the thieves did not open the doors the first time, so it will continue ... The only thing that helped was to run away and activate the opening again, now you have to run even further, it would be better at all They removed the nafig of these assistants, went to the door, activated it, the animation of the thief who appeared out of the air just played right away, and that's it, the doors are open, what for these extra problems they opened, then no ... and GGG is easier and more convenient for people, without unnecessary psychos and hassles. It is enough that it is in theft that the client can close at any time for no reason at all
I really hope the progress on POE 2 is worth this much delay on the basic functions of the league being fixed and it isn't all just for nothing nonetheless love your game and hope development goes as smooth as possible in the upcoming leagues / new campaign
I agree with one of the above posters, why are we not getting a cache on every map like harvest seed caches? Also, PS4 community should probably get a daily reminder of how your crash fixing is coming along. Hiring a PR person is great and all, but maybe you should spend a few bucks on temporarily hiring and flying out some A-team programmers to teach your console programmers the tricks of the trade because they clearly need a bit of help fixing crashes.

I know that its not generally the programmers fault on stuff getting done, its the management team that has some severely incorrect priorities. Currently, it looks like yall are selling life-jackets on the sinking titanic. So much mtx poppin out every week. If you are hurting for cash that bad, fix the game so its worth spending money on.
5 steps a door.

another 5 steps another door.

6 steps more and yet another door.

See what I'm getting at? 3 doors every single heist.. risk? sure, tedious? no.

tedious isnt good design if this is a way to "stop" the speedrunners they will simply do deception contracts without doors.

but it's a bit late in the league to ask for core fixes in your designs for this league.
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Please fix The Twins!

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