3.12.4 Patch Notes Preview

ty GGG but uniq contract super SUPER insane small chance... zero so far lol
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TreeOfDead wrote:
ty GGG but uniq contract super SUPER insane small chance... zero so far lol

But but
There are TONS of unbreakables in the market lmao. To many, so they are already 3c and falling.

But thats it.
Nice «improvement» to uniq.contracts drop.
Another useless patch , stil need 70-100 contracts for make a single grand heist thats absourt , why in T16 maps stil drops moderate-value contrats , thi contracts are just a joke 1000 target value 300-500 cost , just ridiculs pls GGG balance your league.

And fix twins and twinds conditionally(2 challenges) more easy to obtaim, no this shit rate.
Still nothing about currencies not stacking after they lost the contreband tag and smuggler's cache rate spawn in maps ?
Maybe reduce contracts/blueprint loot from mobs and just put a smuggler's cache in everymap ? I mean everyone now has already enough contracts till the end of league...

Interesting patch nontheless.

Thanks GGG.
Last edited by Moedaax on Oct 12, 2020, 12:21:42 AM
I am so looking forward to the changes to the heist followers.

However my favorite bug fix on the list is the nerf to shrapnel ballista, lol. Jusk kickin them when their down.

GGG, "No Bows! You will not play bows unless it's glass cannon delving!"
Last edited by Gid_PathofExile on Oct 12, 2020, 12:19:27 AM
Neat another contract that I won't see :)

I do not envy the CM's.
Free box when? LoL
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