3.12.4 Patch Notes Preview

akb1981 wrote:
how bout increasing the chance we find the rogue cache in maps.


I had a bad luck streak... did 2x sirus and found exactly 0 caches.
Passive tree POG
maybe take some extra time before releasing the next league, rather than take 4 weeks to fix it or make it playable.
I usually give you guys a pass but my god this is some wolcen level quality shit right here.
Hey there, thanks for reaching out. We recommend reading through any game's EULA, and utilizing any option to turn music off if the game includes that option, or mute the game audio.
Nothing on instance crashes?
Hi Bex, thanks for hard work.
But PS4 heist is totally a mess, unplayable league content and frequent blue screen even black screen( hard crash need to restart ps4 and goto safe mode).
It has been months since we got the crash problem, and playing experience is much worse on PS4 than on Xbox this leauge.

So the crashes still not get fixed.
The only dev cant do anything about the fix since Heist league start while XBOX seems fine as always.
so Bex would you transfer some XBOX devs to help the poor ps4 dev who is in F trouble?

Did u guys ever fix the bug of Divergent discipline non-stop recharge
Too late.
Funny this league was so hyped with dews and it's turn to be really bad.
Most bugged league in history.
I stop playing after week and prolly don't come back until next league.
The Passive Tree window will now be in the same position when re-opened as when it was last closed. Exceptions to this rule include the first time being opened after logging in to a character, characters below level 8, or if you have any unspent Ascendancy passive points with the Ascendancy passive tree visible.

whoever implemented this is my hero. Thanks GGG for listening to the community.

Also no patchnote for fixed anomalous empower :( still using str boots bc of a bug >:[

Keep up the good work.
ozzyfury wrote:
Enabled the questline that leads toward the Freidrich Tarollo, Slave Merchant boss encounter.

Instead of adding more bosses that no one will be able to do because contracts don't drop from the non existent heist chaches in maps... how about GGG increases the chance of caches spawning in maps? I mean, Heist map grind challenge completed, 2/4 heist bosses down, I think I see one cache every 15-20 maps and when I open them all i get is around 100 markers and a regular heist. Like come on, am I really supposed to spend 10ex for a Twins boss mission in order to be able to complete a challenge and experience the actual end game of the league?

Im not asking for them to be in every single map and have them drop a unique contract every time but at least increase the spawn chance and for gods sake increase the amount of markers that drop from them along with maybe a blueprint instead of a regular heist contract. You get anywhere from 3-5 contracts per map already.

absolut agree !!

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