[3.11] Poison BV Explosion Assassin - Super Speedy Mapper

* Do Library Quest and get Poison Support as reward. Buy Mirage Archer, Spell Totem Support and Blasphemy Support.

Shadow's cannot buy Spell totem support until way later.
Thats why you do Library quest and buy it from there.
Lvl 58 now. 5 and 6 stage Delirium mist mobs kills sometimes, but all those mini gods are laughable. They falls even faster than with Arakaali's fang spiders that starts from 150ch now. And with fang build you suffer till you get it, with caustic arrow it was smooth from the very beginning.

I would add stone golem for regen in leveling section as temporary thing. Regen and taund helps alot till maps.
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lvl 81 in yellow maps, having a hard time killing map bosses. Any suggestions? Also, conquerors seem to wreak me, need at least 1-2 deaths to kill them.

I got a large notable with Overwhelming Malice, Touch of Cruelty and Unspeakable Gifts.
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I am not expert in this build yet, but I would add Atziri's flask and try to change chest for 6L tabula. And then get two Cold Iron Points for weapon swap, which are not cheap yet.
I have now almost capped resists and tabula on me on white maps. 6L BV uses 43 mana now and I have 23 regen per sec. Using BV only on 3 unleash stacks gives endless mana (running with 85% reserved).
Also I've used to run Arakaali's fang build with Witchfire Brew, which gives lvl 21 Despair aura during flask effect. And this is "100% increased Evasion Rating" flask at the same time. To me this is must have flask till some "on hit" gear acquired.

Also one interesting option is Vaal Breach gem - it opens normal breach, but
mobs gives no loot or exp, but maybe it will charge Vaal BV and plague bearer + explosions damage.
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Yeah, Witchfire Brew is a good flask until we get Despair on hit. Then you could replace Blasphemy+Despair with Skitterbots.

@Inviz1: I see you upgraded to a 6link now. That should help a lot with single target damage.

Other than that remember to use all your tools against bosses: Get Full blades, Wither totems, Vaal BV, Plague Bearer, Withering Step. After a while you can remember the order of buttons you have to press :D.

For defenses you really need to work on your flask. Especially get an instant life flask. Against bosses, we don't have any kind of sustain. Don't try to facetank and run around the boss.

Other options are weapon swap to Cold Iron Point+Shield (would enable fortify). If you press even more buttons you can also get the "increased Duration of Ailments you inflict while Focussed" craft on helmets. Its a nice way of getting long poison duration without TempChains.
Hi ! At 1st I have to add i love this build :P

Here are some things a got


Change to this build after crafting explody chest from enother poison BV.

Mapping is rly good, dps on bosses is kinda low (at least lower then before) but killing t16 guardians dont take years to be honest :P

I have some currency to use but dont know what to change to get the most bossing dps for the best price. If any one could help i would love it :)

For the cluster jewl I'm using :
1) large: Overhelming Malice (10%chance on crit to get UM) + 2x jewel slot
2) medium: Low tolerance (8% DOT multi + 300% poison dmg on 1st poison) + 1x jewel slot
3) medium: Septic spells (10% DOT multi & 20% chance to poison)+ Exposure teraphy (10 DOT multi)+ 1x jewl slot
4) small: some life
5) small : Antivenom ( unaffected by poison)

Need all help and comments good and bad


you can't craft +1 curse anymore :(
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what about sporeguard for a body armour ? i think it can be a good alternative
Would I be correct in assuming this build can't do phys reflect map mods? Are there any other map mods to watch out for?

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