[3.11] Poison BV Explosion Assassin - Super Speedy Mapper

I did a leveling test today (like fresh SSF start) and leveling with ED/Contagion early feels pretty good. You can take exactly the same tree without respeccing anything. I switched to BV at the end of act 4, when you can get unleash and 100% chance to poison. Around act 6-7 you really start to zoom with Plaguebearer (just made me realize again how OP Plaguebearer is).

Early mapping with selffound weapons feels decent as well. But I also wanted to test how leaguestart mapping feels with Cold Iron Point + Binos and with Dual Obliteration Wands. And well the poison prolif from Binos was rather disappointing for me, but Obliteration Explosions feel really good. It's actually close in clearspeed to my gameplay video, of course you lack a bit of damage and shield charge by running dual obliterations, but single target is still good enough. So for a leaguestarter right after finishing act10 that's pretty crazy.

If the the patchnodes don't hurt the build too much, I might write a levelling guide for a fresh league.
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Edit: I was confused about corpses/explosions in delirium.
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VisorX wrote:
Well, looks like Delirium mobs leave no corpses, so our build will be pretty much dead for next league.

You can still play regular Poison BV Assasin.

Does obliteration wand and chest mod explosions require corpses or is that just Asenath's gloves? Was hoping to play this in the league.
Yeah, I think you are right. I was confused about the explode/corpse mechanics. But from the wording Obliteration and the chest-mod should work. Asenath's Gentle Touch is fucked though.
VisorX wrote:
Yeah, I think you are right. I was confused about the explode/corpse mechanics. But from the wording Obliteration and the chest-mod should work. Asenath's Gentle Touch is fucked though.

I've been theorycrafting a build like this since a couple days ago and my tree is pretty similar to yours. However, I'm using MoM with EB and devouring diadem/self poison shenanigans (The Golden Rule and Apep's Slumber) to try to squeeze more auras/defense layers in.

I have asenath's gloves in my optimal setup to get explosions and I've seen people say regular mobs found within maps even under delirium effects will still leave corpses. Might have an impact on the simulacrum map tho if there aren't any regular mobs in there.

Also, why did you decide against taking crit and spell crit nodes to scale damage? Just curious - my tree is spread pretty thin and I'm trying to make room for new cluster jewels.
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Yeah, if you have always have normal mobs nearby, then Asenath's Gentle Touch should work, but I don't know if I wanna trust on that.

I didn't take crit nodes, because those don't benefit our explosion damage. Taking regular damage nodes benefits both explosions and BV and its only slightly less optimal for BV damage.

Impressions from patch notes
The build got affected by some unexpected changes. The most overpowered things like Plaguebearer and the chest-mod were untouched.
* Mistwalker AND Elusive got nerfed. Opportunistic slightly buffed. Sucks overall, but our ascendancies are locked in.
* Arcane Expanse cluster got relocated and we might get it now. One of the few ways to further improve Plaguebearer (more AoE).
* The most disappointing change for me as a SSF player is the removal of so many fossil-mods. We can't get "despair on hit" daggers anymore. We will have to get it from glove corruptions or Hunter influence rings now, which will be a lot more difficult. The helmet mod "Nearby Enemies have -x% chaos resistance" is also on hunter influence.
* Solstics Vigil got nerfed. I actually don't know if it's even best in slot anymore. I think it would be better if you could get temporal chains on hit gloves. Either you need to cast BV a bit more, or get some skill effect duration.

Interesting jewel notables
* Overwhelming Malice: This node is BY FAR the most crazy for us. Unholy Might is about 20% more damage for us (also more explosion damage). We already got enough crit chance from ascendancy (and with Coralitos Flask) to reliably proc it. And its on crit, so we can get this against bosses.
* Low Tolerance: "300% increased damage for your first poison" this could be very strong to guarantee that your poison explosions can chain on their own. I don't know if we even need it. But it could also be a way to invest more in single target in other sources, for example maybe run a Cold Iron Point.
* Unspeakable Gifts: "10% chance to explode, dealing a quarter for their maximum life as chaos damage". The same wording as Obliteration so they should stack. It's nice to get one or two of those for consistency when you are still running with Obliteration(s).
* There are several good chaos/poison nodes like "Wicked Pall", even a curse cluster could be worth it. Overall we are probably looking to take one jewel cluster, the spot above Acrobatics is obvious. I will publish some tree ideas that cut enough points to do it.
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I updated the whole guide for 3.10.
* New PoB that cointains possible Jewel trees. I really don't wanna leave out the AoE nodes as they are so key to our build.
* Updated Gear Section. Especially important to get Despair on hit on hunter rings now (or glove corruption).
* Added a detailed levelling guide for leaguestart. I tested to level with Caustic Arrow and Toxic Rain for the first four acts. And that feels definetely better than ED/Contagion/Blight and also doesn't need so many gem slots. I think now that Plague Bearer is strong enough to justify going for the AoE nodes straight away even if you don't have any explosions yet.

I will be away tomorrow, so I won't be able to answer any questions several hours before or after leaguestart.
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How hard it is to get mid gear rare body with 3% explosions as phys in 3.10? On standard unlinked blue items with it starts from 5.5ex, and 6 link Inpulsa costs 2.5ex.

And explosion gloves also has about 3ex cost in last league.
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I would probably try to roll one myself. Got pretty lucky to get two under 1000 alterations last league. But from what I've heard it can take several thousands.

5.5ex is certainly overpriced. That's standard where you pay a lot for the convienency of not crafting yourself and a lot of people wanna test out such a chest for some build.
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I am going to play this build for Delirium. Want to play "run through and everything explodes" this league, and yours have won o)

Other builds just do the same but with higher price, and four other elemental and poison BV builds I've found just has no real advantage. More solo DPS but much much slower clear speed, and league bosses never bothered me that much - I usually visit them 3-5 time, shaper may be 10 times o)

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