[3.11] Poison BV Explosion Assassin - Super Speedy Mapper

is this build dead? Any help would be appreciated or maybe a build I can put this gear to.
Homelessjunky wrote:
is this build dead? Any help would be appreciated or maybe a build I can put this gear to.

Sorry, I don't check this thread that often at the end of the league and unfortunately nobody else wanted to help you out.

Due to the low interest during the last league and me probably having even less time to check in here, I won't update the guide for now. (maybe I will if I end up playing the build again)

The builds is still very good and there weren't many changes due to the patch notes. The by far biggest change is the relocation of the "Whispers of Doom" cluster which saves a decent amount of skillpoints (unless you have +1 curse chest anyways).

They also apparently fixed a bug where Plague Bearer wasn't affected by "Increased Area Effect". I don't know under what conditions that occured, but that could be a great change if it happened a lot.

If you want to make your own adjustments to the builds remember the rather simple ideas behind the build:
- Fast map clearing through chaining poison explosions (make sure you have 100% generic chance to poison)
- Your gear and skill tree should look to buff AoE and generic poison/chaos damage that makes your explosions stronger.
- Don't focus on stats that only buff your BV damage, like Cold Iron Points. BV matters pretty much only for single target and also gets affected by poison/chaos nodes. We are a mapping build after all. And the single target nuke for map bosses is more than good.
- Use Plaguebearer constantly. It's super strong.
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Bug: Explosions are killing me constantly right now, now that Heist is out (still in standard). Unequipping Asenath's Gentle Touch fixes it because... well, they're doing it.
Wow, that's strange. Is it only Asenath's Touch? Hopefully they will fix that soon.

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