3.13 KING OF ALL SUMMONERS. Zombies & Skeletons & Spectres on STEROIDS! | League-Start to End-Game

Sorry, just wanted to scare people away so Necro gear prices don´t skyrocket this league :)

I plan to play this league start with White Zombie music in the background :)

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Good luck for league start everyone.

I won't be able to kick off with you until a day later so I'm looking forward to hearing how you progress and how everything feels in game.

workin on providing a more "budget" set-up

removed the more expensive items (watcher's eye, mastery jewel and hh) and replaced with alternatives

replaced phase run with withering step, its a bit of dodge chance which i think warrants it over phase run, but that's up to preference.

also replaced empower on zombies for a level 3, we just need level 25 for the extra zombie until we have the mace for level 30 zombies.

replaced maim on zombies with minion damage

lowered enlighten to level 3, unticked dread banner
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Do we have to respec at the endgame as the skill tree is different in the leveling guide?
ArisFuser wrote:
Sorry, just wanted to scare people away so Necro gear prices don´t skyrocket this league :)

Ty for doing it good sir! :)
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Sorry if this has been debated already but I read that in 3.9 mobs are getting a huge armor buff. Is this correct ?

If yes, would it not be worth investigating converting our zombies physical damage to elemental ?

Waiting to hear your thoughts
Maim and Blood Stance Support may help at endgame for that, I guess.
also woke mpd getting intimidate on hit
Would adding carrion golem to the 6-link, that will hold zombies, to make an dual 5-link minion setup be worth it? Or will full 6-link zombies be better? If golems, i'll get the anima stone and 3 harmony, and the small golem cluster above witch starting point. That will give 4 golems at the cost of 5? tree points and one support gem for zombies. Will doing this give me less overall dps or more?
is there any other way to leech life than using The Baron and 1000 strength?

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