0.10.3 Patch Notes

soundee wrote:
Chris wrote:

Balance Changes:
  • Life Gain on Hit is now scaled by the Damage Effectiveness of a skill.

So, let's say for example, I'm using Lightning Arrow which has 70% Damage Effectiveness linked to LMP. The Life Gain on Hit won't be further scaled down by LMP, correct?

Man....this could really screw over blood magic LA builds. Considering its virtually impossible to build a solid mana based LA ranger, I really hope this doesn't screw me. WE already have to stack health, nerf LA if you want to do something, don't nerf survivability in an already difficult to survive game.

Like everything, expect maybe the LGOH nerf. I feel it really wont effect lightning arrow that much, since your a ranged class, so 70% should still be plenty to keep you full health.

however, I fear my melee build focusing on cleave (-30% healing) and double strike (-60% healing) may get hit hard. which, if it is true, will be a bit frustrating, since i thought their goal was to make melee a little stronger compared to ranged.
Anyone know if you can use cyclone with 2hand weapons?
Warlyik wrote:
How long has it been since the promised improvements to melee?

Like, over a month? Oh, and not a SINGLE detail about these supposed improvements have been released.

Not even a single tweak yet. ONE new ability, that nobody's sure will be any better than current options.

LOH change will benefit single target melee skills. I believe Heavy Hit is 150% so an extra 50% life on hit.

Fight censorship
bibi1338 wrote:
that the numbers get crazy, is the reason it was op, is the reason they patched it.

to the ci whiners: you can get way more es than hp easily, you are immune to chaos damage. the drawback is you get stunned and shit. if you remove that, everyone will play ci.

no u cant get more es as hp easely your wrong
1 u need a 1000 es chest to hit 8k
2 es is way less efeective as hp (( hp has armour ) es has noting
3 to matigate the same amount of damge a hp user can mitigate
u need more as/almost dubble the amount of es * witch is inposible
4 take example hp + armour
wile whit es its a challange to hit 10k es
whit that high es u got 0 evasoin 0 mitigatoin 0 crit reductoin
whit hp + armour u have 0 evasoin 50-70% psycal mitigatoin
5 thats whitout the benefit of hp pots ( blood magic aura,s )

ci secrefices a shit load to get 100% chaos imunity ( to mutch )
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Good to see that CI is getting a boost. I wasn't sure what I was going to spend points on next, but now I do!

I'm also happy to see that there's a new unique map. It's hard enough finding a Vaal map for the chance to turn it into Atrizi, but now there's a little more variety! I hope more unique maps are coming down the pipeline!
cyclone wont be affected by aoe correct?
Valderino wrote:

well said...
Basement wrote:
cyclone wont be affected by aoe correct?

Why wouldn't it be?
Its an aoe attack

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