0.10.3 Patch Notes

Therealshotzz wrote:
you say HP chars are more OP then CI chars? hows that? you get WAY more ES then HP (stop freaking say 6k easily, thats impossible without kaoms). as someone quoted, he got 9k ES with level 60, how much life do you have with that level? 3k, 4k maximum.

I had 3300 ES on my lvl 70 CI char. 9k is only possible if you have insanely good ES items, and if you have BIS or near-BIS items, you deserve that much defense.

With CI, you need two low-end uniques to mitigate stuns and freezes. This hurts your character because it could be using high-end items in those slots instead.

This minor buff to CI is welcome, though I still think the 24% ES should just be placed on the CI node. The addtional 8% ES nodes are a waste of stat points, and the whole point of CI was that it was supposed to give you additional nodes to spend elsewhere as compensation for being weaker in general than HP builds - which is true, by the way, however much you would deny it.
From South Africa, recently moved to England. Player since closed beta 2012. Full system specs: https://pastebin.com/yDHYXWJT
'Tongueslurp the Unspeakable' - skeleton archer in Fellshrine Merciless
Feedback: Played today for the first time a Vaal tileset with the new doors. Was the Vaal Ruins. The doors make the exploring a little bit more safe. I was sceptical about the click-ability of them, but even with my summoner char they worked fine. At least way better than the prison doors in other zones.
Don't know whats happening but i'm getting lots of laggs... sometimes I'm walking and I start hitting a monster then the monster in simply not dying or receiving damage, and after a while there's a huge jump and i'm dead or very low on health...

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