0.10.3 Patch Notes

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PACKCHECK.exe can solve problem
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The New Skill effect are awesome! looks like Twister spinning around very cool effect i must but it soon!!
I am veteran i have follow Poe sense November 2010.
So yet another big, fat nerf to Melee with LGoH. And a new skill that just comes pre-nerfed to uselessness.

Does GGG have yet more Melee "Fixes" incoming ? Some people might still try to play it, can't have that...

PS : I don't think LGoH is in relation to Cyclone, more likely it's linked to MP ranged. Or simply because it's intellectually satisfying, no matter what the result is.
First, how do you get Cyclone if you've already completed the quest for it before the patch. It's almost impossible to read through all of the pages and find an answer. I'm sure someone already asked, so sorry. (I know the same question is unanswered on the previous page)

Second, my game keeps crashing when entering The Docks now. I can't progress without going there so I guess I'm stuck until a fix comes out.
Haha, what? You brought Garen in the game?
Next patch i'm expecting to see this:
In defence tab you can now see how much above the max your resists values currently are.

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Yet another patch and still no bloody way to disable retarded account locking for ppl with dynamic IP...
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silenrazvan wrote:
Haha, what? You brought Garen in the game?

2h Sword Duelist with Cyclone = DEMACIAAAAAAAAAAA
If you're reading this, I'm probably on another year-long ban.
Thanks GGG.
how this thing with crtl+c works?
clipboard = chat?
Just save us all the trouble and remove LGoN ye' cheeky gits, it's getting nerfed to uselessness anyway.
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