(3.13) Toxic Rain + Caustic Arrow | 5-10m Sirus DPS | Fast + Durable | 50c Budget/SSF Uber Elder

Uberness wrote:
Last question is how well do you do at cracking open legions in higher maps, what between 50-100% on a open map you'd say?

I second this question. Melee is too bad at it, and Scourge Arrow is pretty bugged atm, and kinda unplayable.
I like the build so far

Should we get Hunter's Gambit?
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I checked POB
Swift Affliction have more dmg than Efficacy...
What u think about it
So far this is perhaps the one of the best builds i have played. Got probably about 4-5ex invested so far with 3 of those on maloneys. Using a 4socket lionseye glare and I and doing T13 without much difficulty, although the dmg is a bit light to kill the legion boss mobs fast enough. I think I will be able to do T15 at least and maybe the guardians.Yellow elder easy too, but probably not red without a better bow.

I got a question about crafting the +3 VP bow. Is it best to alt a +1/16% or lv20vp/16% then regal and scour? or is it more cost efficient to use some other method like beast crafting prints? would a lesser roll like lv18 VP be discarded always?

Edit: my 4L lion's eye was able to do t15's deathless and an 8mod corrupted t16 minotaur map, but the minotar casued a death so i paid someone to finish it for me. I can hardly imagine how powerful this build will be with a +3VP bow. :D
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Meggozz wrote:
I checked POB
Swift Affliction have more dmg than Efficacy...
What u think about it

While that's true it reduces your single target potential, because the duration will go down and you will not be able to stack as many pods.
Hi there i have a big question here, not rlly to know who to ask so im trying my best luck over here. Soo.. I got this bow i made it and i would rlly love to upgrade it to +1 gems and leave some space for multi mod later on.
The big question is: can i do it somehow in safe way? I mean upgrading it?

(Rlly looking for an answers! Ty for help in advance)

Hello, I'm not too sure what I'm even doing, my gear is okay, my damage seems pretty good. Hopefully I can get an empower soon and boost my dps up a lot. Cheers

i basically do a trickster variant of Rangercosta's 4-Totem + Mirage Archer Toxic Rain build. i thought about posting a thread in the shadow forums about my version and saw this one.

this one is very different so its probably safe for me to post anyways.
cool. im glad TR is getting more use. its such an awesome skill and 3.7 brought some really big buffs to the tree for DoT bow builds depending where you spend your time on the tree
how do I craft your bow?

One question i can use my amulet for more dps.

Which are the best rolls i have to look for?

Thanks :D

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