The Map Tab not working (Can´t change to Betrayal Map Series + Uniques&Shaped Maps Gone)

demonstorm wrote:
If ggg thinks I'll buy another map tab just because the first one is bugged, they're in for a big surprise cause I might as well stop playing rather than doing that. And my other tabs are getting full of maps as we speak.

Anyway that will not fix the problem. I have 2 Map Stash Tab...
And is a nightmare, Is not only that you can use the tab for the new maps, I have also lost hundreds of maps in my other Map tab.

The Map Tab is completely broken.

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I think is quite obvious they don´t care standard users at all.
or at least we are the last of their priorities

map stash tab still not fixed.? ggg pls..
Same problems as above.
Let me join the protest: I will not buy another map tab in any case, and if my current map tab on standard will become essentially unusable for me even after uniques/shaped maps fix - I will feel deceived and will reconsider my intention to buy a supporter pack for Betrayal.
We all paid for un premium tab, it must work.
If it does'nt, they fix it or we have to get our money/points back
Any ETA on fix?
Going to have to +1 this...
Murder is just extroverted suicide, it's really their problem when you think about it.
Maybe is really hard to fix this issue or require a lot of testing.

But pls GGG say something, we need to know.

Well, just waiting for the fix... I think GGG try to push us for to play only the league... that's a shame.

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