The Map Tab not working (Can´t change to Betrayal Map Series + Uniques&Shaped Maps Gone)

JoannaDark wrote:
2 days later, and nothing.

This was supposed to be a major release, loaded with new fun stuff to do, but in reality, this BUG has literally created a stand still. Why in the hell this has not been addressed PRONTO is beyond me.

This map tab is a PAID FOR feature, and we should not be left without compensation or immediate resolve, yet fairgrave mystery boxes are released.. thats evidence enough that people are indeed in the office working, yet we paying customers CAN NOT play, due to backed up inventorys and a still broken $15 dollar map that is useless.

Is this change in customer service due to Tencent? Can we expect more blizzard like behaviour in the years to come?

Pretty damn pissed. It wouldnt have taken much to give us a new map tab and flag our old ones as read only. Then we could actually play Betrayal Expansion. Grr,

It's a frustrating bug and certainly should have been found prior to release by simply testing with some actual players. But - just because art and marketing released the fairgraves box, likely per GGG's internal schedule, doesn't mean they're not working on it. Completely unrelated parts of the game...
JoannaDark wrote:
Any news... Fixed?

I hope to get it sorted today, but it may be tomorrow.

3 days later....
no fix...

Bumping this thread as I'd love for some of this to be resolved or at least better addressed.

There are numerous issues with mapping in standard at this point.

Unique maps disappeared.
Shaped maps disappeared.
If a map tab had either, it can't be converted to Betrayal because it can't be emptied.
Adding a 3.4 map to a map tab empties those maps and under some circumstances they seem to randomly reappear.
Betrayal maps are registering with 3.4 tiers. This effects Elder drops and loot filters.
Atlas progression was lost.
Chunks of Atlas progression can be regained by running specific 3.4 maps. Is this intended? Repeatable? And the only mention of this was in some off comment to a specific user in some thread buried somewhere?
None of this was covered in any notes prior to launch.
And this is all on top of the fact we couldn't at the very least get our existing 3.4 map tabs made remove only... and 3.4 maps can't spawn new masters or interact with Shaper/Elder influence.
And I'm probably still missing some bugs.

I'm not even mad. I'm still enjoying the game. But come on guys. :)
Yeah Vexura mapping in standard right now is just a mess
Stephalem wrote:
It´s only a problem for standard, so in fact there is no problem.
Remember how long we waited for a fix for the buggy bandit quest some leagues ago.
Standard is not first priority. Sad but true.

Maybe they should not forget that there are customers too. If a league player don´t like a league mechanic they can skip the league. If a standard player can´t play in standard anymore because of these bugs...

I've paid a hell of a lot of money, dating back to closed beta, specifically TO PLAY IN STANDARD.

It's just as much part of the game as any new buggy unbalanced league will ever be.

Bumped for a fuckin fix pls. Or update status post... Something.
GGG - Why you no?
i just want my map stash working again :(
Refund our points. Delete the tabs. Buy new one, that works... Until next league
GGG - Why you no?
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Any news? we need a fix ASAP pls

Pdreik wrote:
Any news? we need a fix ASAP pls


Asap isn't fast enough at this point. Feels like a screw job at this point.
GGG - Why you no?

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