The Map Tab not working (Can´t change to Betrayal Map Series + Uniques&Shaped Maps Gone)

JoannaDark wrote:
Any news... Fixed?

Not fixed, no. sorry.

"To provide an update on this:

The maps are not deleted, they are just in a sub-stash tab that is not being loaded. It's going to require running a tool over the entire stash tab database to fix this, and that will take a few hours to run.

A developer has written some code to do this, but we want to test it fully before using it on the production database. Because all our server admins are quite busy at the moment, it may take us a bit of time to get to it.

I hope to get it sorted today, but it may be tomorrow.

I'm very sorry about this one. Unfortunately our automated migration tests didn't catch it because the items still exist, they are just not retrieved correctly when loading the stash.

In the mean time, it is safe to use your map stash tabs. The old items will either show up right where they were, or if you put items over top of where the items would come back, the sub-stash will be detached from the map stash and given back to you as a Remove Only regular stash tab."

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