The Map Tab not working (Can´t change to Betrayal Map Series + Uniques&Shaped Maps Gone)

Still nothing....? Argghh

This is seriously crippling and requires immediate priority attention, just my opinion.
GGG - Why you no?
No fix yet? Pls GGG!!

Same issue here. Chiming in for numbers. Can't play due to no stash space and already spent over $100 on stash space in this game.
The Bugs is worst than I thought, Not only you can´t change you map tab to betrayal... if you add any map to map Tab, you lost all your maps of that kind... I have lost not only all my unique maps, I lost all my shaped maps all my t15 maps and all my t16 maps (phoenix, hidras, minotaur, chimeras...) literally Hundreds off maps...

Great Job....



Don´t add any War of Atlas Maps to your Map Stash Tab or all maps you have of that kind will be lost.
I Have bought a bundle of t15,t16 maps and I have lost hundreds of maps....

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Same bug even for me. On a new character on betrayal the maps stash tab seems to works properly (at least the new maps icons seems to be displayed correctly).
Same here. Converted most old maps to Betrayal and the Betrayal setting only accepts old maps... And causes maps to disappear. Quad tabs full of maps and eagerly awaiting patch :)
same problem here!
GGG - Why you no?
2 days later, and nothing.

This was supposed to be a major release, loaded with new fun stuff to do, but in reality, this BUG has literally created a stand still. Why in the hell this has not been addressed PRONTO is beyond me.

This map tab is a PAID FOR feature, and we should not be left without compensation or immediate resolve, yet fairgrave mystery boxes are released.. thats evidence enough that people are indeed in the office working, yet we paying customers CAN NOT play, due to backed up inventorys and a still broken $15 dollar map that is useless.

Is this change in customer service due to Tencent? Can we expect more blizzard like behaviour in the years to come?

Pretty damn pissed. It wouldnt have taken much to give us a new map tab and flag our old ones as read only. Then we could actually play Betrayal Expansion. Grr,
GGG - Why you no?
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It´s only a problem for standard, so in fact there is no problem.
Remember how long we waited for a fix for the buggy bandit quest some leagues ago.
Standard is not first priority. Sad but true.

Maybe they should not forget that there are customers too. If a league player don´t like a league mechanic they can skip the league. If a standard player can´t play in standard anymore because of these bugs...

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