3.0.0c Patch Notes

_DarkMan_ wrote:
What about the supporter packs?
What about the "Deal with the bandits" problem in standard?

Nothing on both topics in past couple of days....

supporter packs were told to be in a week...
what about bandits? the change happened give everyone 2 skill points and remove all possibly bandit mods.
Mirror drop at pier in legacy :>
Will this patch also fix Soul of the Ashen Forest not giving credit for the "Soul of Abberath" Pantheon Upgrade challenge?

Right now, Upgrading Soul of Abberath does not count towards the "Fully upgrade any 5 of the following Pantheon Powers".

Cool...when are the Harbinger packs going to be for sale! :(
Good fixes, but i don't understand why anyone would say "hype" to this... i's just bug fixes, wth is there to hype lmao...
Hopefully thr DirectX/gfx glitches/fps drops/quest text-sound and skill planner are on their way too :D
IGN: Wildernezz
I don't see anything about "added support for Harbinger supporter pack MTX finally since Doc's wallet is on fuckin' fire over here ready to go."
Thanks for the update!

Can you please look into resolution issue?
Every time I alt-tab in full screen the game goes into windowed mode.
In DirectX9 changing resolution will crash/disconnect you from the game.
Still no fix for AMD users? :/
i dont care for your fixes i only want the harbinger supporter pack
Skelemage baron fix when?
When is the new league coming?

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