3.0.0c Patch Notes

3.0.0c Patch Notes
  • Various improvements have been made to world areas, including the Ossuary and Highgate. A larger set of improvements will be coming in a later patch.
  • Fixed a bug where the Kill Harbinger Map Boss challenge could not be completed.
  • The damage levels of Righteous Fire when used by monsters and rogue exiles have been reduced.
  • The damage of Spectral Throw as used by Templars in The Ravaged Square has been reduced.
  • Fixed a bug where the Harbinger Flameblast ability was not playing audio.
  • Fixed a bug where Nature's Boon removed the Arcane Surge granted by The Rippling Thoughts.
  • Fixed various bugs with Act 9 boss not showing skill effects after exiting and reentering their arena.
  • Fixed a client crash which could occur when swapping weapon sets.
  • Fixed a crash with the "Lost Maps" Prophecy.
  • Fixed a bug where some users were unable to patch Path of Exile. If you are affected, please re-download the installer and install the game again.

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Last bumped on Aug 17, 2017, 2:02:00 PM
Any word on the Hollowskull not counting for unique bosses challenge?

That should have been fixed in the last hotfix, is it still not awarding?

Completed 19 ChallengesSyrou wrote:
Patcher is broken for me now

Are you getting an error message when trying to patch?
limkopi wrote:
Hype!! Why no fix for Hollowskull kill though.

That has already been fixed: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1941460#p14685870

Qarl wrote:
Hotfix 2 to 3.0.0b
  • Fixed a bug where the Harbinger challenge to defeat Hollowskull, the Willing Host was not working.
    Completed 17 ChallengesTwoDGrills wrote:
    Broken for me too, repeatedly stuck at 99%

    Do you still have the issue? Are you in NE United States?

    Completed 24 Challengesthebearishjew wrote:
    thank god the noise issue is fixed now if only you'd fix the kativa bug. you know the bug which is keeping a lot of people from actually progressing in your game. I'd love to start end game stuff but can't. At least I can hear a fireball....

    Could you try getting into Oriath/running maps now, and let me know if you still have the issue?

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