3.0.0c Patch Notes

What about the supporter packs?
What about the "Deal with the bandits" problem in standard?

Nothing on both topics in past couple of days....
(one word reply trying desperately to be first)


Needs to be a minimum word count for posts.

If you like anything I've said in a passionate tone or via a wall of text, please find me in game. I could use some like minded people on my friend list, if not in my guild. Thanks. Edit: I turned off reply notifications. My sanity demands it.
So, still not a word about being forced into post-game with all story quests automatically done for us?
Qarl wrote:
3.0.0c Patch Notes
  • The damage of Spectral Throw as used by Templars in The Ravaged Square has been reduced.
Damn, now I'll have to actually give them some damage supports as spectres
Cool, when's the upper end of Stormburst getting buffed so it isn't so useless beyond t8 maps?
what are they doing with ossuary? i dont get it
I'm looking for the line where it says that Harbinger Supporter Packs are being added... to no avail. :(
I would assume a bug with clearing last boss and getting to maps would be a higher priority... I guess not. no hype...
Still no fix for not being able to summon a number of the new mobs in maps with desecrate?

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