3.0.0c Patch Notes

PLS FIX VAULT I lost 10maps or so ;(
Is there anything going to be done about the kitava issue or have i completely missed a post about it
The damage of Spectral Throw as used by Templars in The Ravaged Square has been reduced.

Hehe, the Templars kept killing my zombies, it was a real buttonsmasher with just srs and decoy totem but I made it.
(re-summoning was too much of an effort, they survived just 2 or 3 blows)
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Hopefully this fixes the amount of damage the RF in Olmec's and Whakawarairiauura Tauhu witch exile were doing. It was insanely high.

Also rip Wicker Man spectres

Also yay for Lunaris fix, this helps me out a lot :D

technically wicker man specters do unrighteous fire. Who knows if it will be 'fixed' or not
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The damage of Spectral Throw as used by Templars in The Ravaged Square has been reduced.

Now lets get those Harbinger support packs out! :D
Good stuff!

Though "various improvements" is quite vague. :/
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For those of us who did the Harbinger Map boss for the challenge and never got it, will it get rewarded retrospectively to our accounts?
I knew something was wrong with that overpowered spectral throw douchebags! Hopefully we'll see a fix to the stuttering inventory as well, that is giving me a major headache.
--> Fixed a bug where the Kill Harbinger Map Boss challenge could not be completed.

Will we get that challenge or map back?

Asking because map is not free spend many hours to grind parts and make map.

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