Sao Paulo Server latency

setzeez wrote:
Same old thing. This is a joke to say the least.

A shame such a great game has such a shitty server for a whole country.

For a whole continent, you say.

All of south america connects to Sao Paulo.

It's a shame.

Every league start is unplayable for over a year now. Any news on the other SA server?
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RIP Sao Paulo again..... time to watch a movie i guess
where are my servers duuuuuuuuuuuuuude?
Server dead again, same old, same old.
Cannot connect to any servers, specially Sao Paulo. Why hasn`t GGG said anything about fixing it for once?
What pisses me off, is we (players of SA) spend a lot in the game, and we always have those shitty servers.

No one care about this. Sometimes i think if we didn't spent so much money here Tecent would never even look at what Chris, Jonathan and Erik created... Even in the foundation of GGG and the release of POE everithing was done with the help of us Fan's!!! who fundraised it!!

Of course they work means something but situations like this just shows that GGG is going the same road that Big companies such as Activision-Blizz, EA, and others are at right now and theyr stock and value are going to $#%#% and us FAns want the company implode and burn.
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Any news? Cannot login right now only to Br realm
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some people say there's no solution for this, and it isn't GGG's fault, and that's ok. But if this is going to keep happening i'm probably gonna stop playing. I refuse to play with dsync and 180ms forever. (Not that anyone care but.. just saying)
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At least one reply from GGG could make this easier to bear

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