Sao Paulo Server latency

Sorry for the lack of communication. We are currently waiting for a response from our server hosts about whether they can fix this issue. We will update you again when we hear back from them.
We've brought this to our providers attention a couple of days ago.

They've identified the problem and working on a fix. I'll post an update when they give us more information.
Darkkaos wrote:
Hell Yeah! Seems like ok now.

I wish that remains like that all day long and for long. Ty GGG for doing this with softlayer.
In fact, it was a problem with ALL brazilian softlayer's servers (poe, paladins, discord, etc), so I understand that wasn't that simple to GGG just ask to fix.

SoftLayer have notified me that that outgoing link has been updated approximately 4 hours ago.

If I could get some others affected to confirm for me that there is an improvement (or if there is still an issue), it'd be much appreciated.
Hi everyone,

If you are still experiencing issues on the Sao Paulo gateway, would you please try running a WinMTR report for 300-500 packets while you're experiencing issues?

You can find a guide to doing the test here:

Once you have these reports, please send them to so that we can investigate further.
Our server provider has asked for some fresh WinMTR captures to help them continue investigating.

If some people who're affected can capture at least 100 packets to and throw them here, it'd be very helpful.

Also, if you could also add the following, it will be extra-helpful:
  • Country/region you're playing from
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Time of day that this is experienced (e.g. all of the time, or just during peak hours)

You can find the current version of WinMTR here.

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Thanks for the info.
We don't quite have the resources to make South America's internet infrastructure more reliable.

We're still waiting on news back after attempting to contact responsible ISPs.

I'm also investigating alternative hosting options.
farofox wrote:
Ps: And this problem is happening not only with us, on são paulo servers, Washington D.C (US) have the same problem. We need one solution or new season will be bad for all who use this two servers.

This is not the same problem.


I'm still waiting for feedback from our host and we are still investigating alternatives.
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Next time someone has this problem, please run WinMTR on these two so we can compare results:

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Report Account:

Report Type

Additional Info