Elemental Hit

Completed 14 ChallengesMBata wrote:
Therefore linking this with multistrike and elemental prolif is better than melee splash and elemental prolif?
No, because melee splash is still causing multiple hits, and thus multiple elements.

Completed 14 ChallengesMBata wrote:
it is theoretically possible to get all three status effects from one attack?
yes, but not on the same target.
The problem is the manacost. The skill isn't effective without high attackspeed, but it's very costly that way.

Manaleech, on the other hand doesn't leech back up instantly and there's no equivalent of Vaal Pact to manausers.

I would say this skill is not suitable for most HC toons as you gimp your defenses too hard in order to maintain spammability for the skill.

So far the best solution I could come up with using it was Dual-Ranged Attack Totems. It costs a lot of mana to place a totem but at least they can spam the skill fast enough using a Quill Rain.
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It physically hurts me when I hear of people using Quill Rain on their Elemental Hit characters. :(
Elemental damage is also Weapon damage, so you're hurting both your damage per hit and your Mana pool, massively.
A question: which character have elemental hit as quest reward, and when?
PHRandom wrote:
A question: which character have elemental hit as quest reward, and when?

It's drop-only.
Just want to add my voice in that elemental hit really needs a visual overhaul.
Just made this hypothetical build

It's a shadow elemental hit build with elemental equilibrium, maxed block chance (51% + 24% min on shield = 75% max), and use claw.


any feedback on this would be nice
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In my opinion, Elemental Hit is a perfect skill for wands. Wands are ranged, have inferior base damage, but huge chance to crit, making flat damage from Elemental Hit very powerful. For all other weapons, Elemental Hit is inferior.
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Hey guys, If its cool, I'd like a bit of advice regarding elemental hit

Is Elemental hit compatible with Weapon Elemental Damage support and nodes like elemental damage and weapon elemental damage (Catalyse)

Trying to make a Bow - Elemental damage build with lesser, chain, weapon elemental damage and elemental hit itself and I'm not seeing any damage increases from nodes or the gem Weapon Elemental Damage

Also if anyone has any suggestions to a good support gem to link to Ele Hit I'd appreciate it
Would also agree with Ouroboros that Elemental hit needs a Visual overhaul, at least with regards to Bow usage

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