[Ripped] Sycho's Crit Chaos Spectral Throw/Viper Strike Shadow for 1.2 Patch

Hey Sycho, I've been playing on Beyond using your build and I'm loving it. Currently level 76 but I'm having trouble getting my ST dps to around 7k and double strike to around 21k like you are with 5 power charges. Here's my current gear setup.

I'm currently stuck at 14k double strike and 3.3k ST with hatred and no power charges. Starting to feel kinda weak and dont know where to look to get my dps, this is my first time getting this far in poe so yea. Thanks
If you can see in my gear, my dagger has a way higher base crit chance, which would be the biggest dps upgrade for you. My amulet has crit chance and crit multi, I have flat physical damage on gear, and I was running with vaal haste to reach 7k dps
normally without vaal haste but with power charges I was at like 6k or 5.9k
I'm shadow 65 at beyond, trying to do a build with VS...

But I think the dps is so low (2,1k AOE 2,5K Single Target)

I allready take some chaos dmg and dot nodes

My build http://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAAAgYAsNii2cgU9W9qjBa_D6uxsyaVbWxTNe1BYeK1SDY9m7Wmf1VL44SdqsM6doJirGyMieDKSrTRyCNvnlFMyAwFk4MJ8bOsR0kTS1d9W8DjKk0_JxUgSsgi4izpbqpH4t0NtfLQgVuv_MU1kqQ5Tip462eg2L0ppQqbh3bnCkp973rTfn11eK7-ukjuG6094rfT18ujiiP2TZKNfQ==



Should I try another skill?
Could you make an updated tree this build seems really fun

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