Devs and other GD people - Kripps Death a good thing

It is neither a blind nor a cheap death.
The boss has detonate dead and that becomes obvious after you kill her minions THE LATEST.
They joined the instance in a big party and thus increased the bosses´ life by 250%, more than triple her usual life.
They rolled the map with double unique boss and even though they knew about the detonate dead (kripp was even talking about it 10 seconds before he died), they still went right for the loot.

They made 2 mistakes and immediately paid for it.
Thats how it goes in path of exile.
You dont know about a mechanic and you die.
You know about a mechanic but choose to ignore it and you die.
Its that simple.
Obviously their fault.

Well, at least I know kripp won't be first to 100.
Poe is a great game. The big problem for me is that it is full of bugs and rubberbanding... I am sad to say but for now i cant take this game to seriously.. checking in a few months/good luck u all
Lol kripp died to let's call it "x" and now we have fuckton of ppl saying it was so easy and obvious to avoid "x" + of course name calling because our epeen is not big enough. Great guys, go on like that, it's so mature.
dont worry kripp, you shall create a new powerfull build to let us enjoy ur streams :D
Invalesco wrote:
It makes sense and it's intended.

Party play = higher boss HP. no sense in standing on the dead boss' corpse while the other detonates it on you.
Wallach wrote:
It's a dumb interaction of damage scaling off party size, and in other cases this has come up it has been removed (or is in the process of being removed ala Unrighteous Fire).
anubite wrote:
Detonate Dead, like righteous fire, probably should only do damage equivalent to "normal" "unscaled" life. I'm not saying that because Kripp died, but because that's how infernal blow works, so, the mechanic for damage from % life should be consistent.
gh0un wrote:
They joined the instance in a big party and thus increased the bosses´ life by 250%, more than triple her usual life.
Looks like this thread needs some clarifications.
The increased life monsters have when partying is completely ignored by Detonate Dead (and Infernal Blow). They treat the monster's life as it would be without the amount of increased life added for each player beyond the first. This has been the case since long before even the closed beta started.

That detonate dead would have dealt the exact same damage solo. The high damage is because it's a very high level monster, and it's unique (which comes with built in damage bonuses). Partying had nothing to do with it.

Righteous Fire, as mentioned here, is going to be changed to do so as well, but it's more complicated for that skill as it can scale off player life, where Detonate Dead can only do monsters (specifically, this means we now need to explicitly deal with CI correctly).
TeamWorkTom wrote:
And so you enjoy cheap deaths in video games? Why don't you play Dark Souls for that, I hear blind Deaths are common and the only way to not die is to have died taking the wrong path or watched/read something about it before hand.

I don't think you should be talking about games you haven't played yourself. A lot of the hype around the difficulty and unfair deaths in that game stems from the mainstream audience that as you can see in this PoE game, has to ask stupid questions frequently and suffer seizures should they dare to look at a forum thread with helpful info or tooltips or character dialog.
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Thanks for the info Mark! Knowing that I still don't think I'd ever run this map Twinners until the desync issues are in a better place and you can be more confident on your actual position.
Wow really? That corpse explosion was unboosted? Crazy!
My Keystone Ideas:
If it were scaled then Totem maps would have killed far more players and yet normal monsters do a joke damage.

Not to mention the Lunaris level 1 Unique and the Flesh Sculptors.

Also it's survivable if you got good resists and high EHP.

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