Devs and other GD people - Kripps Death a good thing

Their own fault for doing a twinned map anyway, I always saved that mod for facerolling the lowest tier map hoping to get some higher tier ones
Cheap death?

Read that a monster alive has detonate dead

don't run over DEAD BODIES

don't die


it's not just that they were in hardcore, but that it's a HC game. Make a mistake that deep into the game, then die. Not cheap, they didn't play it right. G______G

Stop QQing. This game getting shit like that nerfed to hell because 3 guys held hands into death would be the most retarded shit ever. You sound like the blizzard fans QQing over D3 which ended up getting nerfed into more retardation than it already was


Gl to other high level HC people, solid

and to be honest, why are people trying to protect this like it's a bad thing? even the people who died, kripp especially, knew what happened

he said knowledge is power and now we know

took it way better than i took my lvl 53 duelist death and he had way more invested. games way better with things like this, way more interesting

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Guys Krip even realized it was his fault. Nothing to see here. stop arguing.
To those saying it's because of group play: you are wrong. In this situation you will die on any character with any size of party. The boss has probably something like 1 million health even for single player. Detonate Dead deals 18% of corpse health, which would mean 180k fire damage, which is 18k even with 90% resistances!

This is just to make something clear. I like this mechanic and would like it to not like it changed. I am surprised that no one in Kripp's team was aware of this, especially since they all played Diablo 2. Corpse Explosion was also one of the most dangerous enemy abilities in the game there. It was even worse when pretty much any corpse on highest difficulty could kill you instantly.

Changing scaling or making it do different damage with or without party has nothing to do with fighting double Alira boss. However, damage scaling on DD may be considered different for a different reason.. Having level 1 DD linked with faster casting and increased AOE can be the most powerful clearing skill in the game for little cost. At least you can easily kill yourself when exploding something in group of reflect elemental enemies. This makes it quite balanced ;)
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Ok I guess Charan's two posts didn't make it clear enough.

Stop with the insults. otherwise I'm a big fan of editing threads to make players say how much they like lollypops and bunnyrabbits.

Keep it Civil, like Charan asked please...... Or I'll start modding in my own, goofy but accepted way.

<3 Sonata.
Game needs monkey pets.

The only problem with this is how it, like so many other things in games of this genre, is violently anti-melee while ranged characters can calmly ignore it if they're just a little aware of their surroundings.
Another reason why melee builds are not viable, if the only way to survive a boss corpse explosion is to "stay the fuck away from it, noob"
TeamWorkTom wrote:
Valmar wrote:
They go for the loot and died.
They should separated one from another, or run far when the first when killed lol. Or even detonate theirselves her corpse fast!

3 including Krip Died from over a 100k damage Detonate Dead boss.

It was funny as hell to watch but that shit was dumb as hell. No one likes cheap deaths like that.

coatesishere wrote:
So if you don't know Kripp and I believe some of his buddies died

I was going to write up a rant


I'll say



And so you enjoy cheap deaths in video games? Why don't you play Dark Souls for that, I hear blind Deaths are common and the only way to not die is to have died taking the wrong path or watched/read something about it before hand.

I guess you have no understand on the psychology that goes behind videos games and why most people don't enjoy the type of challenge of blind deaths. Games can be challenging with out them including cheap deaths.

Vaals Hammer attack is a perfect example of the right type of difficulty to put into a boss fight. If you screw up and don't watch for the hammer you will most likely die form a 1 shot. It is telegraphed and even fighting Vaal for the first time you can tell he is getting ready to do a huge hit and you better run.

A quick corpse explosion doing 100k+ after something dies is not challenging, its unfun and cheap.

Your casual is showing if you think Dark Souls is cheap.
I just saw the video, pretty funny stuff! I hope GGG don't start nerfing things - as some seem to have suggested - when a few well-known players die to a mechanic they knew about and should have kept in mind.
What have you become when even nightmares fear you?

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