Devs and other GD people - Kripps Death a good thing

Invalesco wrote:
It makes sense and it's intended.

Party play = higher boss HP. no sense in standing on the dead boss' corpse while the other detonates it on you.
Wallach wrote:
It's a dumb interaction of damage scaling off party size, and in other cases this has come up it has been removed (or is in the process of being removed ala Unrighteous Fire).
anubite wrote:
Detonate Dead, like righteous fire, probably should only do damage equivalent to "normal" "unscaled" life. I'm not saying that because Kripp died, but because that's how infernal blow works, so, the mechanic for damage from % life should be consistent.
gh0un wrote:
They joined the instance in a big party and thus increased the bosses´ life by 250%, more than triple her usual life.
Looks like this thread needs some clarifications.
The increased life monsters have when partying is completely ignored by Detonate Dead (and Infernal Blow). They treat the monster's life as it would be without the amount of increased life added for each player beyond the first. This has been the case since long before even the closed beta started.

That detonate dead would have dealt the exact same damage solo. The high damage is because it's a very high level monster, and it's unique (which comes with built in damage bonuses). Partying had nothing to do with it.

Righteous Fire, as mentioned here, is going to be changed to do so as well, but it's more complicated for that skill as it can scale off player life, where Detonate Dead can only do monsters (specifically, this means we now need to explicitly deal with CI correctly).

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