Rebalancing Internal Unique Item Rarities (Locked June 16)

Chris wrote:
We still want the early experience with uniques to be with easily understandable unique that are hopefully powerful for your level.

I hope to god it is more understandable than this.

I don't even....
Casually casual.

This is great news!!!!
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Thanks.... THANKS.... THANKS
this is great and really needed imo. I found 1 koams heart in 4000 hours played, 20% icnreased drop rate isnt going to mean I find 50 of them in that time, people saying this is a casual friendly change are way off base. The drop rates are so extremely low on certain things that you could triple them without 90% of players even noticing because they still would never find them.

Honestly I think GGG needs to look at unique mobs, exiles, bosses, anything orange. Boss runs are fun, whats not fun is that they are not worth doing if youre not mfing. So if you just have a char you like playing, its not worth doing boss runs, mf or gtfo, and that locks a lot of players out of something that it feels almost essential to do in order to generate a lot of blue orbs and get some twink/decent uniques.

I think GGG need to all but remove iir/iiqs effects on orange monsters and buff up their drops to be more like what a low mf (80-120 iir // 10-20 iiq) character is getting. Let everyone do boss runs and actually get some loot on any fun, meaningful character they have made, not just some rag tag mf setup they feel forced into playing. People who do dedicated mfing can still get their loots from the mobs along the way.

It just feels like something about the game has died when you get to that point where you arnt chasing xp on your current character and you feel like well, might as well take off all this lovely gear and mf because its a complete waste of my time farming if I dont have mad rarity on. Give boss mobs back to everyone so that people are excited to do boss runs.

you mind putting out a list of what items u consider "build-enablers" at the patchnotes?
full list of what is common,uncommon,rare would be even better
it might help the economy a bit too to figure out what the new prices of items will be
The tears of flippers, traders, scammers, elitists, etc... THEY ARE DELICIOUS!

I play a lot, I managed to somehow buy a non-legacy Soul Taker, but I lost ALL my currency in the process, and sold every single piece of gear I had in my 3 toons. But I honestly believe that I should've had a chance to get it by farming the amount of time I was farming... It's not fair to players that cannot play that much to stay out of the fun and watch others get extremely rich while they try to do level 70 maps and die miserably...

And like someone said before, the truly end-game items would be the mega-rare-crafted-insane rares that some people offer in mirror services.


I extremely agree with this change.
Just double the super rare ones also, 20% of 0.01 gets you 0.012 chance to get it.
That is not going to change anything for the casual players you are referring to, completely the opposite...
Nolifers will only notice this change.
We will be roughly doubling the chance of finding Uncommon or Rare uniques. The chance of finding Super-rare ones will be increased by roughly 20%.

Two times zero is still zero, you know.
In years to come
You hear my name
When darkness falls
On judgment day
ZiggyD is the Labyrinth of streamers, some like it, some dont, but GGG will make sure to push it down ur throat to make you like it
finally, it was about time, personally it wont impact me that much on my gear level, but i am sure it will b great for new players to feel that they are progressing, what will increase the overall reward of the game, and hopefully, we may c a increase on playerbase

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