Rebalancing Internal Unique Item Rarities (Locked June 16)

We're generally happy with the overall drop rate of Unique items, but want to improve the ratios between the four different internal tiers of rarity that Uniques are classified under.

The four tiers of uniques are internally known as:
  • Common: Straightforward uniques that are useful for twinking and are very impactful when levelling. Shiversting is a good example.
  • Uncommon: Somewhat more complicated or build-defining uniques like Facebreaker or The Three Dragons.
  • Rare: Specialised and end-game uniques that aren't meant to drop often, like Bino's Kitchen Knife.
  • Super-rare: Chase uniques like Shavronne's Wrappings, Kaom's Heart or Song of the Sirens.

At the moment (in 1.1.3b), most of the uniques that players find are common. You'll occasionally find uncommon uniques but it's honestly pretty hard for casual players to find the rarer uniques.

We want to improve the chance of finding rarer uniques to achieve the following goals:
  • We want players to find a greater variety of uniques, especially if doing boss runs.
  • We want to see more availability of interesting uniques for all players.
  • We want build-defining uniques to become more available than they previously were.
  • We still want the early experience with uniques to be with easily understandable unique that are hopefully powerful for your level.
  • We don't want to be too disruptive to the existing in-game trade value of uniques.

Instead of finding so many common uniques, we will be increasing the chance of finding other rarities. We will be roughly doubling the chance of finding Uncommon or Rare uniques. The chance of finding Super-rare ones will be increased by roughly 20%.

We'll be re-evaluating the rarity tiers of our uniques to make sure that they fit the above rules. For example The Blood Dance is probably too complicated for its current Common slot.

We're expecting to apply this change in content update 1.1.4 (late May).
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Last edited by Chris on Jun 15, 2014, 9:16:32 PM
Chirpyboy wrote:
I guess this didnt make it into the patch. :(

Chris wrote:

EDIT: This patch also contains readjustments to unique chances for different uniques as described in the manifesto here.

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