Rebalancing Internal Unique Item Rarities (Locked June 16)

Hi there what exactly are these "build enablers" you speak of. Like any unique could be a potential enabler, how would one determine this one is more important for a build?
I guess it's more like

tier------------chance before patch-----Now
super rare----------------1%-------------1.2%
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does someone already tryed some farming with the new drop rates? is it really meanfull?
Is it really effective with today's patch ? There is no mention of unique drop rate modification in the patch note.. !

edit : nvm :)
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Yes, it is really effective with today's patch. Read the P.S. in the patch note.
Idk what the fuss is about. I have played this game for about 800 hrs. Best item that has dropped for me is probably a .... wait i cant think of any, does portal gem count? I pretty much survive by trading, not sure how you normal people get items. Max currency i have accumulated is around 10 ex. I tried going MF build for a bit and a windripper dropped for a friend who was in my party. I guess MF works but is so fucking boring like i wouldn't wish that play style on my worst enemy. I have accepted this about the game so should you. Oh btw screw all you people who overprice items.
What tier are the unique flasks?
andrehbg wrote:
does someone already tryed some farming with the new drop rates? is it really meanfull?

A friend and I farmed Dominus last night for a little bit, 20 Dominus kills later and we had gotten the following uniques.


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After the patch :P
So...are we getting flooded with uniques?
Add a Forsaken Masters questline

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