Content Update 1.1.3 Compiled Info (Locked May 16)

Content Update 1.1.3 is due for deployment later this week. Note that these are not the full patch notes!

New Skills:

New Vaal Skills:
  • Vaal Discipline (see news post)
  • Vaal Haste
  • Vaal Reave

New Cosmetic Microtransactions:

Other Improvements:
  • Increased the spawn rate of side areas (to roughly 220% of the current value) and also the drop rate of rarer fragments, relative to the more common ones.
  • Unique Chests in Ambush (see news post)
  • Added four new Unique items, three of which were designed by our supporters.
  • Rebalanced side areas and invasion bosses (see manifesto entry)
  • Improved hailrake fight (see news post)
  • New achievements and new vendor recipes.
  • Added an option to constrain the mouse pointer to the window, while in windowed mode. This option is off by default.
  • The character creation process has been streamlined so that you have to select a character class before you can type in a character name. Some new players were struggling to understand the flow of this UI before.
  • Rhoa charges, Blackguard shield charges and Fire Fury's Firestorm can no longer crit in Normal difficulty. This is a way of reducing the variance of the difficulty of these encounters, without just outright nerfing them.

Please note that these are not the full patch notes! The full ones will probably be posted on Wednesday.
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Convocation > Smoke Mine
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ewww, no ball lightning :(
had a ton of builds in mind for lightning orbs/balls.

hope to see it soon :D

Really looking forward to the summoner skill. Trying to navigate my minions through some maps (like mine) it's pretty tedious atm...
"Fixing the endgame was hard - No matter how hard we buffed red maps, people would keep spamming Gorges.
So we turned Gorge into a red map"
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+1 for sure :D
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You write improved Hailrake, I read Glace will oneshot players <90 cold resists now.

Ball lightning is too hard to balance they say, so it will probably be ages if it is to come out.
oh yes... i hope this will be soon, i am lOOking forward to fight against him :)
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Hilbert wrote:
You write improved Hailrake, I read Glace will oneshot players <90 cold resists now.

Icespear already did a pretty good job at that... I like how you assume things before you see it.

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