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1.1.3 Contains Two Vaal Auras

Two of the three Vaal skills in next week's 1.1.3 content update are Vaal Auras. These work differently to normal auras, because they only last for a few seconds but provide substantial bonuses to you and nearby allies. Here's a picture of the gem hover for Vaal Discipline. As you can see, it provides a lot of Energy Shield for six seconds and keeps it regenerating even while you're taking damage.

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oh man ! I love auras!! :))))))))))
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Vaal Discipline sounds so sexy!
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Increased duration gem (74%) + buff duration passive (75%) + skill duration passive (45%)
SotW temp chain (60%)

6 * (194%) * (60%)

28 seconds

So you could sustain this buff for 28 seconds in a group situation. I hope the other aura is about dps.
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Also: wings please.
Bullshit, you get the game for free.

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Are this "Serap's Wings"?
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