Content Update 1.1.3 Compiled Info (Locked May 16)

OMG a new melee skill!! I hope it's awesome :D
Thank you GGG for adding meele skill, i hope it will work for FB too :)
ign: CrushTheEvil
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Yes, I wanted to mention that: What happened to the ranged vs melee discrepancy?

Is that solved in your opinion Chris?

I think it's not and I'm looking forward to the new melee skill!
Deff excited for that new melee skill. Really hope it brings something fresh to the game :) Looking forward to it.
Question: is anybody using vaal skills?
How can something below mediocre become successful?
Make it F2P and capitalize on all the GAs out there...
As a facebreaker who just started doing maps in Invasion, I really hope the new skill can be used unarmed.

I won't hold my breath but it'd be awesome to have another ability!
Convocation is going to be a nice update.
As a summoner, prior to this, I would have no reason to use an Unset ring.
Now I can use one for a placeholder skill, and not have to worry about other gear links, or sacrificing too many stats on a ring.
"The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence."
This is substantially good
A Melee-MELEE skill? Or another "Melee" skill like Splash, Reave, Ground Slam, Lightning Strike, etc?

Re: Hilbert assuming before playing the change - We've been playing the changes since OB. Know what? We're not assuming at all.
Playing a dual-wielding swordsman of some kind.
In game name is Kaosu and/or ChaosBlade.
Sounds like a great update!

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