Content Update 1.1.3 Compiled Info (Locked May 16)

try to balance item design
balance gem
balance skill tree
try to solve existing problems not just try to put more and more trashes in it.
It won't help to attract new people but make exist players afk.

improve server and optimized your graphics engine

To be honest, POE is dying I fell

also please, vaal frenzy :)
ign: CrushTheEvil
try to balance item design

To be honest, POE is dying I fell

So February 2014
IGN : @Morgoth
I need a better dagger skill.

Something like reave but without the stacking AoE, that's annoying and doesn't work for me. Maybe it will get better when the skill is higher level or with incr AoE...

Im now using Lightningstrike with fork and likely will try out elemental hit with multistrike
Last edited by Startkabels on Apr 23, 2014 3:45:22 PM
Elemental hit just does not work. Read skill feedbac forum. But 8f you have fun wasting time.go ahead..
Completed 3 ChallengesChris wrote:
Increased the spawn rate of side areas (to roughly 220% of the current value) and also the drop rate of rarer fragments, relative to the more common ones.

Well needed change.

Might even buy the wings to annoy the haters as a token of appreciation.
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Cool update!
Completed 13 Challengesransagy wrote:
A Melee-MELEE skill? Or another "Melee" skill like Splash, Reave, Ground Slam, Lightning Strike, etc?

The latter.

Of course.
What's the difference between the Eighth Circle of Hell and my ignore list? There's a slight chance you can get out of the Eighth Circle of Hell.

Between Wolcen and Warframe, my need for satisfying melee is no longer something PoE has to worry about. PEW PEW PEW PEW~~~~~~~~~
I.... Love... This... COMPANY. Any job openings? Because I'm willing to move across the world to be a part of this :P
Vaal skeletons as a summoner is a boss killer too.

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