New 1.1.3 Skill: Convocation

We're working on a couple of new skills for the 1.1.3 content update. One of them is called Convocation and is designed to teleport all of your minions to you and apply a heal-over-time buff to them. Click through for more information.

When designing this skill, we had the following goals:
  • To provide another way to heal minions, in addition to the current flask mod and totems that people use.
  • To allow situational recall of minions when it's strategically useful (for example, as a meat shield, or when you benefit from them being nearby).
  • As a solution for people to recover minions that are stuck behind terrain. While running a certain distance away from them will recall them, it's useful to have an on-demand way to do this.
  • To limit abuse cases by putting the skill on an eight-second cooldown. It's useful for the above reasons but doesn't allow you to teleport your minions to you every second.
  • To introduce this skill as soon as we could after the recent functional change to Smoke Mine.

1.1.3 will be ready for deployment in a couple of weeks. We'll post a more accurate timeframe and information about its other contents in the news between now and then.
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Awesome skill. Oh man, the first page dream is real.
Chris you're awesome.
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nice, summoners are buffed!
Animalistic in nature, somebody help me
fisrt page

awesome, a needed skill

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